Anadrol Reviews, Results With Before and After Pics in 2020

In our Anadrol review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the activities of Anadrol, its benefits, potentials, legitimacy, usage and its best all-natural alternative.  Anadrol is considered to be among the most powerful oral steroids out there. This steroid kicks in super fast to give you incredible results within a short time. 

Anadrol Reviews & Results

However, all is not rosy with this supplement. Anadrol is considered one among the most toxic anabolics that can harm your health and even damage your liver. 

While Anadrol can help you build muscle mass twice as fast compared to other steroids, however, the majority of steroid users could recommend that you stay away from it because of the side effects it generates. 

With this in mind, we recommend that you always do lots of research, before you consider purchasing Anadrol.  This way you will have a better understanding of its benefits and risks, something that will come in handy as you decide whether it is worth investing in or not. 

Is Anadrol legal? 

Use of anabolics and their legality will vary from one country to the next. Thus you must confirm the rule governing its use in your country.  Generally, Anadrol’s legality is limited to therapeutic or medical use. Hence you can only procure and use it under clinician’s supervision. 

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Anadrol is categorized as a schedule III drug due to the possibility of it being abused. Also, its users could, over time, develop tolerance, resulting in withdrawal symptoms in some users. 

The active compound in Anadrol, Oxymetholone, has undergone various studies. And it is FDA certified for treating specific diseases such as osteoporosis, AIDS and osteoporosis. The anabolic characteristics of Anadrol are a crucial factor that appeals to many sports personnel and bodybuilders. 

However, WADA (World anti-doping agency ) has prohibited the use of this steroid for performance enhancement because of its unequalled potential. 

Properties of Anadrol 

This substance is among anabolics called DHT ( Dihydrotestosterone) derivatives. DHT, an androgen IS produced naturally in our bodies, and this makes Anadrol a modified form of DHT. 

Also, Anadrol contains a higher high androgenic activity in your muscles tissues compared to the primary DHT substance. 

Medical Uses of Anadrol 

Over the years Anadrol has been administered for many medical purposes, although this appears to have decreased in recent years. This substance was used in for treating the following conditions; 

  • In treating anaemia and osteoporosis 
  • Used for treating HIV/AIDS, hereditary angioedema, and in women for treating some forms of breast cancer. 
  • It helps emaciated patients put on weight after persistent infections, serious injuries, or serious illnesses. 
  • It is beneficial for patients and underdeveloped children who cannot keep a normal weight due to unexplained medical reasons. 

Non-Medical Uses 

Anadrol has been used by bodybuilders and pro athletes and it has proven to offer them great benefits. 

How does it benefit bodybuilders? 

Let’s look at how… 

Anadrol improves protein synthesis which results in considerable gains in muscle mass. The experienced bodybuilders use Anadrol as their first compound for their bulking cycle. Anadrol effects can b noticed faster, but they also seem to disappear fast after you stop its use. That’s why it is commonly stacked with other steroids that take longer before exerting their effects. The one attribute that makes Anadrol ideal for developing muscle mass is that it has a low binding affinity. 

According to research, it helps lower SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) which binds to free testosterone. And this guarantees that you receive more anabolic benefits from testosterone.  

This characteristic also makes Anadrol a perfect inclusion to any bulking stack. Also, Anadrol is commonly used among athletes, especially those whose weight is no constraint. This steroid offers a quick boost to their energy levels, and this translates into improved performance. 

How Does Anadrol work? 

Anadrol is an anabolic substance than it is an androgenic steroid, and it has a developmental and proliferative ability. It mainly works is by increasing the production of RBC, which then results in the transfer of more oxygen throughout the body. This then leads to more RBC levels, which then help improve homeostasis and boost immunity. And this plays a key part in bodybuilding. 

When your body receives enough nutrients and oxygen, then cytokinesis occurs immediately. And this contributes to more muscle anabolism. 

Besides, when you have more oxygenated cells, then you would take lesser time for exchanging nutrient. This then significantly reduces the recovery period needed between workouts. Anadrol improves circulation, and with exercises and a healthy diet, it will quickly enhance your athletic capability up to 30 per cent. 

This compound triggers erythropoiesis as it stimulates your kidney cells into creating erythropoietin, which acts on your bone marrow hence boosting your RBC production. 

How To Use Anadrol 

Anadrol is primarily used since it works fast and its users can add half a kilo each day in the first several weeks of use. Before we look at how you can use Anadrol, we want to mention that this substance shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is important because this steroid can be toxic to your liver, so you should be aware of what you are taking. 

This steroid, Anadrol is 17-alpha alkylated compound which is known to cause hepatic effects. However, when used correctly, Anadrol is among the most powerful orals on the market. You might find some bodybuilders who stack Anadrol with anything, from Deca Durabolin to Trenbolone. 

Even then, it is recommended that you do not use it for over 4 weeks. The reason for this being that during this period, your liver will be subjected to lots of stress. 

Due to such serious effects, it is always advisable that you follow a cycle that supports your product when you are taking oral steroids. While most Anadrol uses seem to use at 50mg a day, the recommended dose is between 25 – 100mg. 


We don’t recommend that you use Anadrol in higher doses, as this will greatly strain your liver. And when you don’t notice any effects within 5 days, you likely have a fake Anadrol. Majority of bodybuilders tend to take their Anadrol pre-workout. But, this is more a personal preference, hence you can opt to take it once or twice a day. Both ways will be effective. 

Since Anadrol has a 16-hour half-life, it, therefore, should be taken daily. It is suitable for the bulking phase steroid and not recommended for cutting as it causes water retention when you use it. Most results from Anadrol usage can be visible within your first 3 weeks of use. Therefore, you don’t have to administer it for over 4 to 6 weeks. 

The main problem with using Anadrol is that all the benefits you gain from its use will start to decrease rather fast after you discontinued its use. 

What results can I expect from using Anadrol? 

By using Anadrol, you are likely to notice positive changes in your gym capabilities, particularly in weight lifting capabilities. Increased RBC’s ensure that your muscle tissues are well supplied with sufficient nutrients and also oxygen, that are directly linked to cytokinesis or cell proliferation. 

This then leads to accelerated muscle growth which occurs within several weeks of usage. 

The androgenic characteristics of Anadrol ensure that you get ripped muscles that have well-defined grooves. Also, cutting will happen once the extra adipose under your skin gets cut. 

The most prominent and noticeable effects taking Anadrole is increased stamina which results from hyperoxygenation. This ensures cells never lack oxygen giving and reducing the likelihood of cortisol or lactic acid build-up. 

Also, since your muscle cells are not stressed, then tiredness you experience during and after a workout is greatly reduced. And this gives a powerful push to a user. 

Also, with enhanced oxygenation, your brain upregulates the signalling, hence improving your mood to match your physical outbursts. 

Does Anadrol Have Any Side Effects? 

So far, we’ve taken a look at the positive. 

And now we’ll cover the negative side effects it can cause in your body. Some possible side-effects linked to using Anadrol include: 

  • Gynecomastia 

This condition occurs when men start to develop breast tissue. 

What’s more, gynecomastia or gyno is not naturally reversible by chest training or losing weight. So, if you have gyno, there is only one way to get rid of it: that’s through surgery. 

  • Water Retention 

Taking this steroid can make you feel quite bloated as it results in water retention. So, its important that you monitor your blood pressure while using this steroid.  

However, diuretics that can be bought over-the-counter and anti-estrogen medication can help fight this. 

  • Suppresses Testosterone 

Anadrol binds to the very proteins that testosterone does thus your body will stop creating testosterone.  

To avoid suffering from low testosterone issues, it is recommended that you take a maintenance dosage for testosterone. Low testosterone issues include fatigue, depression, erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. 

  • Increases Blood Pressure 

Another popular side-effect caused by Anadrol is increased blood pressure. This condition can cause hypertension, that’s high blood pressure which can result in damaging the walls of your blood vessels and arteries. 

Also, this condition can damage your liver and kidneys. Additionally, it can damage your heart as well as increase the possibilities of you suffering from a heart attack or stroke. 

  • Liver Damage 

Like any oral steroid, Anadrol will put your liver under lots of stress which can result in liver damage. 

The liver functions as a filter for the body, and so it will try to filter out these steroids. And this, with time, can damage it. 

So, to help you fight this, it is recommended that you always administer Anadrol following the given directions. Also, always take Milk Thistle supplements alongside this anabolic steroid, as this supplement is extremely healthy for your liver. 

  • Estrogenic Side-effects 

Anadrol aromatizes, meaning that it converts testosterone into Estrogen. 

Side effects of estrogen side mood swing, fat gain, infertility, low libido, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, oily skin, hair growth, acne, and gynecomastia, which have already looked above. 

How Do I Avoid Anadrol Side Effects – Our Legal Alternative Suggestion 

anadroleAnadrole is the legal alternative to Anadrol. And this all-natural steroid is made by Crazy Bulk. This steroid, Anadrole, is legal with powerful results and it does not cause any side effects. 

Anadrole works by increasing the numbers of red blood cells in the body. This process leads to the movement of higher amounts of oxygen to your muscles during workouts. 

This then result is energy boosts thus increasing the number of reps you can perform at the gym. 

To get the most of any steroid, it is important that you keep supporting your effort by engaging in regular exercises/training program as well as follow a well-chosen diet.  

The best part with Anadrole, all the gains you get will remain even after you discontinue usage. This is unlike the gains from Anadrol that disappear if you discontinue use. 


From our Anadrol review, we have learned that this steroid can be effective for both physical enhancement and medical use. 

Even then, It’s important that you understand this steroid before using it. We also recommend that if in doubt that you consult a doctor before you any anabolic steroid including Anadrol.  

This is since the side effects they offer can be severe especially when the steroid is administered without following instructions. 

And if you prefer to avoid the adverse effects of anabolics, there is a legal and safe alternative that does not cause harmful side effects. 

The legal alternative for Anadrol, known as Anadrole is made using all-natural ingredients that can recreate the benefits induced by the steroid Anadrol. Also, as mentioned, it does so without the side effects. 

And the best part, the gains you will achieve from using Anadrole will remain even after you stop using it. This is different from the gains that Anadrol offers as they tend to disappear after you discontinue using it. 

Anadrole is legal and does not require a prescription to use. And you don’t have to risk going to jail or compromising your health in any way.  

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