Best Female Libido Supplements for 2020

Female libido supplements are products that encourage long-term sexual wellness in women. Think Provestra and HerSolution Pills – they’re that natural option many women look to for less dryness, more desire, easier climaxes and greater intimacy in the bedroom.

Because men have their own solutions. The search for that ‘little pink pill’ remains elusive. We thought we had one in 2015, with a new prescription called ‘Flibanserin’ that purported to boost interest in women post-menopause.

Best Femal Libido Enhancement Supplements Reviews

But it showed tepid results, and came with side effects like dizziness and nausea, fainting and low blood pressure.

Hence the interest in female libido supplements. Being natural helps – but that’s redundant if it doesn’t work.

Your Guide to Female Libido Supplements

Let’s clear the air on this one right now:

Some female sex enhancement supplements do indeed work, and can dramatically stoke interest in sexual desire and satisfaction. You have to look, but they’re out there – they’re made with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and sexual nutrients that accumulate in the body and gradually increase sexual desire and satisfaction.

Female libido supplements should do the following:

  • Increase Desire – A good female enhancement pill will help boost your psychological desire for sex. You may find you have more sexual thoughts as a result.
  • Reduce Dryness – Female libido supplements help reduce dryness and make it easier to get wet.
  • Easier Climaxes – When it’s easier to get wet, it’s easier to climax.
  • Help Sexual Intimacy – Enjoy sex again and you have a stronger bond with your partner.

Note that natural female libido pills are natural and do not need a prescription. Don’t let this scare you – find the right female libido supplements and your sex life will change for the better.

We’ll talk about how to find good female libido supplements later in this article.

What Are Female Arousal Gels?

Female arousal gels are exactly as they sound. You’re probably familiar with some of the more common drugstore gels, like K-Y. Natural female arousal gels, like HerSolution Gel, have the added bonus of fewer chemicals and may therefore be more gentle on application.

While female libido supplements are designed for long-term sexual wellness, an arousal gel is designed for instant lubrication and does not help ongoing desire and performance. That said, enhancement gels are a good option for women who want to get wet quickly.

This is an excellent choice to do that and/or while you wait for your body to process the nutrients in a female libido product if you’re currently taking one.

Best Sexual Nutrients For Women

It’s the ingredients in any female libido supplement that make it sink or swim. If it sinks, you’ve wasted your money, and potentially exposed yourself to side effects (yes, this can happen with natural products, despite what some websites tell you).

foods-that-increase-sex-drive-in females

Yet there’s always a possibility a product will work, and when it does, the payoff is magic. Good female libido supplements often have some of the following sexual nutrients:

  • Tribulus Terrestris – This is a Mediterranean plant linked to greater sexual desire, lubrication, climaxes and satisfaction.
  • Korean (Panax) Ginseng – This appears to help women boost sexual desire during menopause. It may also boost sexual energy.
  • Niacin – Niacin helps boost blood flow to the genitalia.
  • Hops – This helps estrogen production and is linked to less vaginal dryness.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – Mucuna Pruriens appears to trigger a pleasure chemical called dopamine. It also helps stoke the libido.
  • Gingko Biloba – This is a fixture in Chinese medicine and for good reason. Ginkgo Biloba appears to help women climax easier and reduce menopause symptoms.
  • Ginger Root – You know ginger, but are you aware it’s believed to help stimulate blood flow to the erogenous zones?
  • Damiana Leaf – This helps reduce dryness. Damiana may also reduce hot flashes and make the clitoris more sensitive.
  • Black Cohosh Root – A favorite among women with hot flashes, Black Cohosh appears to help make climaxes more enjoyable.

That’s not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of what to look for in the best female libido supplements. You should also look for them in natural female arousal gels – they’ll help you climax easier and make sex a lot more comfortable, with fewer harsh chemicals, when you need it most.

A Healthy Dose of Skepticism

I alluded earlier that some female libido supplements work. The key word is “some”. It’s no secret that many natural health supplements you find online are tepid at best and dangerous at worst. It’s a fragile industry, with many products made offshore so you can’t verify the purity of ingredients.

Some health supplements have been found with toxins, including rat poison. Buying them from major retailers doesn’t always help either – in 2015, four very large and well-known stores were accused of selling fake supplements by the New York Attorney General.

Does this mean you should avoid female libido supplements completely?

Not at all. You just need to look for the proverbial diamonds in the rough. Some female libido supplements work, and a few are nothing short of magic.

Look for the following when you look for natural help in the bedroom:

  • Made in the United States – Try to avoid products made outside of the United States. Look for a product made at a cGMP-compliant facility as well. That means it’s made with strict health and safety regulations in place.
  • An Established Brand – Female enhancement is a cut-throat industry, in which weak products get weeded out. Good products last.
  • Live Customer Service – It may sound strange, but products from companies with live customer service are rare in the natural female enhancement industry because of the costs involved. You’re on a winner when you find one because that company is bringing in enough sustainable revenue to build a brand behind it.
  • 60+ Day Money-Back Guarantee – This shows the company is more interested in creating a customer relationship than taking your money.

Two Excellent Female Libido Supplements

With that clarified, I highly recommend these two female enhancement pills. They check all the boxes we just discussed. They’re also some of the best known and most loved natural sex pills for women out there, and can likely put a spark in your sex life that other products can’t.

  1. HerSolution Pills

    hersolution pills package

    Overview: Arguably the most famous female libido supplement on the planet, HerSolution Pills is an excellent option for women who want easier climaxes and to stoke sexual desire. It’s a respected name, with an effective formula, and it’s made domestically, in the United States. Read Review

    Why It’s Good: HerSolution Pills is one of the most established female libido supplements for a reason – this is an excellent formula, with even better results. You’ll find it’s much easier to climax with HerSolution Pills, with a 67 day money-back guarantee to go with it.

    Use It For: More desire, less dryness, easier climaxes and long-term sexual satisfaction.

    Buy it Here: HerSolutionPills Official Website

  2. Provestra

    provestra package

    Overview: If there is one female libido supplement that rivals HerSolution Pills for efficacy and satisfaction, it’s Provestra. Less well-known that HerSolution, Provestra nonetheless has a well dosed and effective formula that’s bound to put many passionate nights in your near future.

    Why It’s Good: Like HerSolution, Provestra has a long track record helping women in the bedroom. It’s made at a cGMP compliant facility in the USA and it’s also made with Black Cohosh Root. That may help reduce menopause symptoms if they’re a problem.

    Use It For: Long-term sexual desire, lubrication, climaxes and a world of eroticism. You might also use it to reduce hot flashes.

    Buy it Here: Provestra Official Website


Two Excellent Arousal Gels

Like we’ve already covered, female arousal gels are lubricants. They’re not female libido supplements, but they’re very useful to get wet when you need comfort and for better arousal. These two gels are both natural-based products, which helps you side-step some of the harsh chemicals in drugstore lubricants.

  1. HerSolution Gel

    hersolutiongel package

    Overview: You may have seen HerSolution Gel on The Doctors medical TV show, in which each woman in the audience got a free tube of the much-beloved natural lubricant.  Lucky them – HerSolution Gel helps women get wet, quickly, with a formula that quickly brings pleasure to the genital region.

    Why It’s Good: With two decades of experience in the female enhancement industry, HerSolution Gel has mastered the art of lubrication and sexual enjoyment. You’ll also finds it’s quite gentle, thanks to that natural-based formula, and shouldn’t aggravate your privates like some lubricants might.

    Use It For: Instant arousal, and/or while you wait for the benefits of a female libido pill like HerSolution Pills to deliver.

    Buy it Here: HerSolutionGel Official Website

  2. Vigorelle

    vigorelle gel

    Overview: This is another excellent arousal gel. Like HerSolution Gel, Vigorelle is a natural-based formula that can quickly get you in the mood for passion. It’s gentle, it’s sensual. Vigorelle brings passion when you need it, with pleasure that will curl your toes.

    Why It’s Good: Vigorelle uses botanicals, herbals and amino acids to lubricate and excite. Also, it’s a proven product, with many years helping women with intimacy and excitement.

    Use It For: Less dryness, more comfort and instant arousal.

    Buy It Here: Vigorelle Official Website


FAQs About Female Libido Supplements

female orgasm

Here are some of the more common questions women ask about female libido supplements. Remember, you can also contact the manufacturer directly if you have further questions about any of the products mentioned here. Each of these products has live customer service. Just go to the domain for each and look up ‘Contact Us’.

What Are Female Libido Supplements?

These are supplements, sometimes called ‘female enhancement pills’ made of natural ingredients that are shown to boost sexual desire, intimacy and satisfaction. They help reduce dryness and make it easier to climax, along with stoking the libido and potentially reducing menopause symptoms like hot flashes as well.

Female libido supplements encourage long-term sexual wellness. You’ll take them once or twice a day, and typically take about 3 month to deliver their benefits. Once your body processes these nutrients, you should find it’s much easier to get wet, want sex, and enjoy it.

Are Arousal Gels Female Libido Supplements?

Arousal gels (lubricants) are not libido supplements because they have no impact on long-term sexual wellness. However, they can be very handy for quick arousal. Arousal gels like HerSolution Gel have the added bonus of being natural, which can be just as effective (if not more), and less harsh on the genitalia than the often chemical-heavy drugstore lubricants.

Are Female Libido Supplements Safe?

Without knowing your medical history, it’s impossible to say any health supplement is completely safe. You should speak with your doctor before trying female libido supplements for the first time. That’s even more important if you’re currently taking medication or have any specific health condition or concern unique to you.

You should do that before trying any new health supplement, by the way.

With that said, the products mentioned in this article are all made in the United States at a cGMP compliant facility. That’s a very good first step.

How Quickly Do They Work?

Most female libido supplements need at least 3 months for your body to process their nutrients and put them to work. You’ll likely start to feel results earlier though – within 3 weeks you’ll probably be thinking about sex a lot more. By 3 months, you’ll find it easier to get wet.

Some women find it’s handy to use an arousal gel for the first month or so while they wait for results.

What’s In Them?

Natural female libido supplements use herbals, vitamins, minerals and sexual nutrients shown to help with lubrication and stoke interest in sex. They’re unique to each product. I’ve reviewed some of the best ingredients for female libido supplements earlier in this article, most of which you’ll find in Provestra and HerSolution Pills.

Can I Get My Money Back If They Don’t Work?

That also depends on the product. Both Provestra and HerSolution Pills come with a 60 day money-back guarantee. That’s good to have, and it allows enough time to see results and return the product if it doesn’t deliver.

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