Best Legal Steroids Alternatives and Stacks in 2020 [That Guarantee Gains Without Side Effects]

Achieving a shredded physique is no easy task. It requires a huge investment of energy, dedication, motivation and time to see your goals come to reality.

best legal steroids alternatives and stacks reviewed

Although a strict control of your diet along with several hours dedicated to workouts can prove to do the magic, many people find themselves choosing to use harmful anabolic steroids.

While their fast-paced and sudden progress can make noticeable changes, it is crucial that you fight the temptation to use them.

Realize that you can achieve your training goal without risking your well-being by using harmful steroids. There are the safe legal steroid alternatives that will help transform your body into that fantasy figure you’ve always wanted.

Steroids: What are they?

The word steroid refers to many substances that have similar chemical structures. Anabolic-androgenic steroid, for instance, is a form of steroid which causes effects of muscle-building.

Anabolic-androgenic steroid as a steroid is related to testosterone, the male sex hormone. Testosterone is a very common androgen in men.

Steroids come in two forms: first is the legal ones which include corticosteroids, that are used in treating arthritis as well as other conditions. The second is the illegal ones that contain synthetic substances linked to androgens, or male sex hormones.

What exactly are legal steroids?

Multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements (MIPS) also know as Legal steroids are over-the-counter (OTC) supplements. These supplements are meant to support bodybuilding and enhance workout stamina and performance.

On the other hand, anabolic-androgenic steroids or illegal steroids are manufactured (synthetic) variant of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Most health care providers may prescribe such hormone supplements to individuals who have testosterone production disorder or muscle wasting. However, some bodybuilders and athletes illegally use steroids to improve their performance or muscle mass.

Today, steroids are often available as creams, gels, patches, and liquid formulations. When using steroids, you place the patch, cream, or gel on your skin, or inject it or even swallow the liquid. Since steroids can have some detrimental side effects, individuals who choose to take them without a doctor’s prescription use them in ways that minimize the negative side-effects.


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Negative Side Effects Of Steroids

Some of the negatives associated with taking illegal steroids include.

  • Men may experience Gynecomastia (growing of man boobs)
  • People who use steroids are at risk of having high Blood Pressure
  • The risk of developing liver diseases such as liver cancer, liver tumour, liver dysfunction is increased
  • Steroid use can lead to hair loss
  • Some steroids can cause oily skin and Acne
  • The risk of suffering Kidney disease is increased
  • Men who use illegal steroids might suffer erectile dysfunction
  • Using illegal steroids opens you to the risk of adverse cardiovascular effects
  • Men can develop cancer of the prostate from using illegal steroids
  • Women who use steroids might develop deep masculine voices, baldness, increased body hair, infrequent or absent menstruation.
  • The risk of decreased HDL cholesterol increases LDL cholesterol, rage issues, cardiovascular problems, growth and development issues as well as psychiatric disorders.

Pros of Taking Legal Steroid Alternatives

The two primary reasons people use anabolic steroid are performance enhancement and therapeutic treatment. When it comes to treatment, the two primary steps of action are; the body lacks a specific hormone and more should be used to cater for its needs, or higher amounts of the hormone must be taken to treat a specific health condition.

  • Anabolic steroids are used to stimulate testosterone to boost lean muscle mass development, improve physical appearance, build endurance, boost performance in training, gain strength, longer stamina when training, and for the quick recovery process.
  • They are a legal and a safe alternative to the already available Anabolic Steroids
  • Steroids can speed up fat loss drastically
  • Legal steroids have no side effects
  • Health care practitioners prescribe steroids for treating many health issues such as delayed puberty
  • Men who suffer from impotence can find a solution by taking legal steroids.
  • Steroids will enhance protein synthesis, and induce ATP production.
  • Also, steroids can increase the oxygen supply at a molecular level leading to extreme muscle mass gain.
  • Other medical gains from taking steroids include a therapy replacement for men whose body does not produce enough testosterone.
  • Cancer and HIV patients are also prescribed anabolic steroids to boost their appetite, increase muscle mass, and improve their total well-being.

Next, let’s look at the legal alternatives of anabolic steroids

Listed Here are The Best Legal Steroid Alternatives for Anabolic ones

  1. D-Bal – Steroid Alternative for Dianabol


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D-Bal is a legal alternative to Dianabol. The formula for D-Bal was developed to mimic that of Dianabol (Methandienone). so far, D-Bal has shown to be a very effective legal steroid. It has also become so popular is owing to it’s accelerated anabolic effects. This means that you may start noticing results after 10 days of use. The muscles will start looking fuller, and you’ll push more weight during training and your stamina will also get a boost. D-Bal is a great option for individuals looking for rapid bulking up.

It is excellent for building strength and mass rapidly. It is suggested that you use D-Bal for about 2 months. This means you will need to stock up 2 bottles of D-Bal supplements.

The recommended dosage is 1 capsule 3 times each day. For the 2 months you will be using D-Bal, you are likely to experience a significant increase in the amount of lean mass in the body as well as overall strength.

To help you get the most from your cycle, consider stacking D-Bal with Anadrole or Trenorol. Doing so can greatly enhance the results since they are more effective when stacked together.

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  1. Trenorol – Legal Alternative for Trenbolone


Trenorol is the legal and safe alternative to one of the most powerful anabolic known as Trenbolone. This supplement helps boost Tren’s androgenic effects which result in massive muscle gains and enhanced physical conditioning.

According to thousands of users, Trenorol works well for both cutting and bulking. This makes it an excellent option for individuals who want to gain size, as well as those who wish to lose body fat while maintaining their muscle mass.

What’s more, Trenorol is also used in just about all legal steroid stack owing to its ability to burn fat and for its muscle-building attributes. Unlike anabolic steroids, this supplement does not require any prescription or use of injections.

To help you bulk and cut, use Trenorol for at least 8 weeks. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules taken before a workout. For great results, stack it with Anvarol and Winsol. When stacked with Anvarol and Winsol, the effects are very potent. You will start to notice increased lean muscle tissue as it burns off excess body fat. The good thing, your muscles will remain hard during the whole process. So you will not have to worry about retaining water.

  1. Anadrole – Alternative To Anadrol


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When talking gaining strength and bulking up, Anadrole is an excellent compound for this. It helps recreate the effects of one of the most popular oral steroid available today Oxymetholone. However, using the legal steroids alternative is far more powerful. To start with, it is not harmful to your liver and it will not cause any unpleasant side effects on your body.

As you take Anadrole, you are likely to enjoy serious results within a short period. This product can help you put on 10lbs of lean muscle mass. When stacked with other best legal steroids available today, you will gain even more lean muscle mass.

For quick mass gains and strength, it is suggested that Anadrole be used for at least 2 months. The recommended dosage for this product is 2 capsules to be taken during breakfast. And to get the most from this supplement, consider stacking it with Decaduro and Testo Max.

Also, you can expect improved recovery and more regular muscle pumps. This will allow your muscles to grow much faster as you lift weights and train for extended periods.

  1. Decaduro – Alternative To Deca Durabolin


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Deca Durabolin is well known among bodybuilders as king of anabolic steroids. It has been on the market for many years and has the capability to increase muscle mass pretty fast. Unfortunately, such benefits come at a high price. Deca Durabolin is known to result in serious side effects which will harm your health.

And to help you avoid its negative side effects, you can consider using the new potent formula known as Decaduro. This is a safe yet potent alternative which uses high-quality ingredients to increase muscle mass and your overall performance.

Consider using it for a cycle of about 8 – 10 weeks. It is even more effective when it is used alongside other legal steroids for bulking. Decaduro is often stacked with other legal products like D-Bal, Anadrole, or Testo Max. Using decaduro will offer you enhanced recovery time, improved performance and increased muscle mass.

The recommended dosage for DecaDuro is 3 capsules to taken pre-workout. DecaDuro will take about 2 weeks before it kicks in. This is slightly longer as compared to other products. However, once it has reached its full power, the results will be worth it.

  1. Testo Max – Legal Steroid Alternative To Sustanon

Testo Max

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Testo Max uses a formula that is developed to increase testosterone levels. It uses ingredients like Fenugreek, Zinc and D-Aspartic Acid which will help boost your T levels. Testo Max is essentially a safer approach instead of using the Sustanon compound. When you have increased testosterone levels, it will be a lot easier for you to pack on more muscle mass.

Testosterone is responsible for many different things such as mood, muscles, and strength. It is for this reason that you will find Testo Max used as a base for nearly each legal steroid stack. Increased Testosterone levels are very important when you wish to lose body fat or gain size.

It is suggested that you cycle Testo Max for at least 2 months then followed by 1.5-week breaks. You can use it on its own or stack it with other legal products. The recommended dose for Testo Max is 4 capsules taken before breakfast. Possible options for best legal steroids to stack it with includes Treborol and D-Bal. These legal steroids work together to effectively help you gain strength and sizes.

  1. Winsol – Alternative To Winstrol


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Winstrol is among the strongest steroids for cutting. However, using a safer formulation known as Winsol, which is legal may be best for your overall well being. Winsol is mostly used when following cutting cycles. It is also very effective in retaining your muscle mass.

Other than help you maintain your muscle mass, Winsol is also excellent in burning body fat. The good thing is that you will not experience water retention when using this product. This product also helps increase the hardening effects of the muscles, vascularity and conditioning.

Winsol is among the most efficient legal steroids for enhancing your speed, agility and power. To get the most from this product, it is suggested that you use it for about 2 months.

The recommended dosage for Winsol is 3 capsules to be taken when having the main meal each day. For maximum benefit, Winsol can be combined with Anvarol and Trenorol. Both these compounds are considered to be best for cutting.

  1. Anvarol – Alternative To Anavar


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Anvarol is a lean muscle builder which is well known among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Some benefits of Anvarol include enhanced recovery, building lean mass, improved muscle density. Also, it is very effective in speeding up the progress of fat loss. As a safe alternative steroid, you will not need to worry about suffering liver toxicity and other more serious side effects. Anvarol is also 100 per cent legal to buy.

It is suggested that you use Anvarol for about 6 – 8 weeks. This product is top-rated in the maintenance of muscle mass while cutting. It can be combined with Winsol and Clenbutrol since they all work to create a synergetic effect.

The recommended dose for taking anvarol is 3 capsules taken after a workout for best results. Note that Anvarol may be used by itself as well as stacked with other best legal steroids. This compound is great for when you want to get shredded and your muscles remain defined and hard.

  1. Clenbutrol – Legal Alternative for Clenbuterol

ClenbutrolClenbutrol popularly known as Clen is a bronchodilator and powerful thermogenic compound. It increases the metabolic rate and will also increase your internal temperature. What this means is that you will burn up excess calories and fat. Also, food will be turned into energy more efficiently and more quickly to provide you with more energy for workouts.

Many consumers of Clenbutrol have reported getting more aesthetic well-defined physique in about 30 days. It is for this reason that it is more popular among most pro bodybuilders as they prepare for competition. It is the best legal steroid which can burn fat to help improve your physique and give you muscle definition. The recommended dose for Clenbutrol is taking 3 capsules each day 45 mins before e work out. Clenbutrol can be combined with Anvarol and Winstrol for best results.

  1. NO2-MAX

no2 max

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NO2 Max is a scientifically formulated supplement and uses the strongest ingredients. This product is a  powerful Nitric oxide booster developed for improving blood flow as well as oxygen circulation while you work out.

It works by boosting to high levels the natural Nitric oxide in the body. This will offer you many benefits such as heightened energy, endurance, fast recovery rates and stamina. NO2 Max is a potent agent for cutting, strength and bulking.

This powerful vasodilator is safe for use and helps relax and widen your blood vessels to allow more oxygen, blood, and even nutrients to get carried fast to your muscles as you workout. This will give you enhanced stamina and strength and delay fatigue to allow you to workout to the optimum.

The recommended dosage is taking 2 tablets with lots of water about 20 minutes pre-workout. And the suggested workout period is 2 months.

For best results, you can stack NO2 Max with D-Bal and Winsol.

Legal Steroids Vs Anabolic Steroids

You can use the best legal steroids for sports training and bodybuilding to increase your muscle quality through size, endurance and strength. Legal steroids can also be used for improving your recovery period throughout each workout and even boost your energy, boost weight loss and increase fat tissues oxidation.

One key difference between illegal and legal steroids is the medicinal purpose. Normally, doctors will prescribe anabolic steroids for treating impotence or delayed puberty. The reason being anabolic steroids support skeletal muscle growth as well as male sexual characteristics.

Legal steroids are today available because they are normally made using natural ingredients. Although this might differ from one product to the next, many consists of blends of vitamins, plant extracts, and amino acids.

Although anabolic steroids have numerous benefits, the negative effects that come with these medications cannot be overlooked. Some of the side effects may include stomach ulcers, facial rashes, high blood sugar, acne, high blood pressure, and even tendon rupture.

Further, legal steroids are also available readily is for their consumption in the capsular form. While illegal steroids are often linked to the use of needles and injections. Hence, legal steroids will still provide the benefits of muscle-growth and fat-burning without having to use dangerous injections.

Legal Steroid Stacks And Cycles

A steroid cycle is the time frame in which steroids are being taken. Often this time is known as “On-Cycle” and when you are not using steroids, it is said you are “Off-Cycle.” steroid cycles have been developed such that risks are minimized and to help the body recover during the off-cycle period. Also, they are meant to enhance your potential of muscle building.

Normally a cycle can run between 4 to 12 weeks.

Stacks” is the mix of non-steroidal items and anabolic steroids used during an on-cycle phase. Since the options are endless, each cycle and stack you end up following can be different. Even then, most steroid users will often be comfortable with particular stacks. They first determine specific combinations which provide the best results, then they stick to those plans.

It is advisable that you follow a cycle when using steroids, this is especially important you are a beginner in using steroids. First, begin with a short cycle and remember to plan a cycle based on the duration. Doing so will ensure you get the most of the product and that you achieve your goals. Importantly, this will ensure you can safely use steroids thus minimizing the side effects.

Cycling steroids mostly works jointly with “stacking”. when stacking, you will be taking multiple anabolics to realize the best possible results. Since certain anabolics give more actions, this makes some more suited than others as you work towards your desired results. By stacking, you will take different steroids to come up with an ideal combination – to offer you the best effects you desire in one cycle.

“Pyramiding”, just like in cycling, you will be taking single or stacks of steroids for a specific time – often three months. Within this cycle, you will increasingly use steroids until you reach midway, from which the dose is decreased. By pyramiding, you will gradually taper to the start and end of a cycle, instead of stopping abruptly, cold-turkey start and stop.

  • First Steroid Cycles:

When you are starting to supplement with steroids it is suggested that you follow a simple cycle. Because you don’t know how your body will react to the supra-physiological hormone doses. Further, you should begin with hormones that the body is familiar with, like testosterone. Most beginners might forgo this to immediately start on massive cycles and stacks.

However, with time, you’ll better understand what works best for you. For instance, when you start using numerous steroids during your cycle when faced by any problems, it will be very difficult to determine what may be causing the problem. At the same time, it will be even harder for you to figure out which steroids give you the best results. So start simple then work your way up.

How To Stack It For Best Results

Now let us look at different stacks for different results. Each stack includes supplements that work well together to offer you better, faster and bigger results.

  • The Bulking Stack

crazy bulk bulking stack

This is best for when you want fast hulking muscle mass. You will need supplements that can maximise muscle growth and rapidly speed up the bulking process. The supplements should also give you superior strength, hardcore muscle mass, and fast recovery time.

The bulking stack combo for you may include 1xTesto Max, 1 X D-Bal, 1 X DecaDuro, and 1 X Trenorol. It is recommended that you get x2 stacks and follow an 8-week cycle for best results.

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  • The Strength Stack

crazy bulk strength stack

The strength pack is perfect for when you want to grow bigger and strong or wish to increase core lifts. With more strength, you can now lift more weight and this gives you the optimal muscle-building advantage for a long time.

The ideal stack for you to increase your strength should include 1 x D-Bal, 1 x Anvarol, 1 x Testo-Max, 1 x Trenorol. You can use this stack with a suitable exercise and diet program.

To get the most from this stack it is suggested that you follow an 8 week cycle (twice the Growth Stack).

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  • The Ultimate Growth Hormone Combo


When you want to grow a lean yet strong muscular physique then the growth hormone stack is best for you. To achieve this, every workout should offer you the best possible results.

For this you will need stamina and strength, ongoing energy to keep you going through each session. Also, you need muscle protein synthesis working optimally to help stimulate muscle growth. And your metabolism needs to be working at its best to burn body fat throughout the day. Lastly, a faster recovery time in between sessions is very important.

The stack for this should include 1 x HGH-X2, 1 x DecaDuro, 1 x D-Bal , 1 x Testo-Max , 1 x Clenbutrol.

Testo-Max and HGH-X2 will boost your body’s natural testosterone production and growth. This combo will work synergistically with the potent DecaDuro, Clenbutrol and D-Bal to rapidly help build muscle and increase strength. It will burn fat and boost your energy levels while giving you a ripped physique.

To get the most from the Growth Hormone stack, it is advisable you follow an 8-week Stack cycle

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  • The Ultimate Stack

crazy bulk ultimate stack

If you wish to have enhanced results from your training, and even achieve your goals faster, for a better better physique, then the Ultimate Stack might just be what you need.

You will need supplements that are fast-acting and effective for bodybuilding to improve your strength, muscle growth, fat burning, performance, and fast recovery time.

The right stack that you will need should include 1 x D-Bal, 1 x Decatur, 1 x Testo-Max, 1 x Clenbutrol, 1 x Trenerol, 1 x Anadrole

To get the most from this stack, it is advisable that you get x2 stacks and follow an 8-week cycle

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  • The Cutting Stack

crazy bulk cutting stack

The cutting stack will offer you a lean yet ripped physique. It will help you you lose fat, without affecting your hard-earned muscle.

To help you cut, you’ll need supplements to burn body fat and preserve your lean muscle mass. Also, you will need supplement that can support your strength and energy levels during the cutting phase.

The stack to help you achieve this should include 1 x Clenbutrol, 1 x Winsol, 1 x Anvarol, 1 x Testo-Max

Each of these stacks will last for 4 weeks and tor best results, it is recommended that you get x2 stacks and follow an 8-week cycle.

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Risk to Reward:

All cycles and stacks for steroid use attract a high risk to rewards ratio. This is regardless of the experience you’ve had so far. While a simpler and best way to consider this is the more you consume steroids the greater the rewards. However, the more you consume the higher the risks.

Since the risks will keep increasing, meaning the need for protective measures increases too. But, there is a cutoff point. This is that point when rewards and risks ratio become more inclined towards risk. When this happens, you will without a doubt be left to choose safety first.

All in all, determining the right steroid stack and the cycle is what differentiates closing in on your bodybuilding goals and achieving them. So as you search for the right steroids to enhance your workout, ensure that the steroid you choose will help you meet your goals. It should also be able to readily combine with your everyday diet routine.


  • What’s the difference between anabolic and legal steroids?

While anabolic steroids are effective in boosting performance, they are regulated substances which can only be accessed with a prescription. They also come with a wide variety of side effects. And when anabolic steroids used for prolonged periods can be harmful to your health.

On the other hand, legal steroids are “legal”, which means you can purchase them commercially. Also, they are normally not prohibited by athletic organizations.

Legal steroids will vary widely when you consider the ingredients used, with some using compounds that resemble those included in anabolic steroids. But, these compounds tend to have fewer side effects, and they are available without a physicians prescription.

  • Are legal steroids injected?

The simple answer is No. Nearly all legal steroids are taken orally. Also, never inject directly any legal steroids, since it might cause a reaction.

The instructions of use and dosage will be different for each the product, so you should follow the manufacturer’s directions. Doing so will ensure you get the most out of the product.

  • Are legal steroids safe?

Typically, legal steroids will have significantly less side effects compared to anabolic steroids. But, that does not imply that they are safe. Legal steroids can affect your hormone levels in the body. While they are said to have fewer negative effects than the anabolic supplements, they still can affect your mood and change your sex drive.

More caution needs to be taken by women when consuming legal steroids. This is because they can potentially increase testosterone levels in their bodies. Most legal steroids have not been well studied, meaning their effects on women’s hormone levels are not yet well known.

Teenagers and children should also stay away from legal steroids since it’s not yet known whether they impact normal development by affecting their hormone levels.

  • Do steroids make you angry?

According to one study, it is suggested that the behavioral and mood effects noted during the misuse of anabolic-androgenic steroids may be due to secondary hormonal changes. A possible explanation, based on findings by researchers, is that a few and not all anabolic steroids may increase aggression and irritability.

  • Do legal steroids cause skin problems?

Anabolic steroids can cause skin problems on those who use them for long periods. While legal steroids might potentially lead to a few problems, they are a lot safer. Importantly, they are less likely to cause negative effects than those by anabolic steroids.

  • Can you take steroids long term?

Taking steroid inhalers, steroid injections, or short cause of steroid tablets might not usually lead to any severe negative effects. However, when taken as prolonged treatment and at high doses – especially when it comes to steroid tablets – may cause some issues for some people.

  • Are there safe steroids?

Typically, most anabolic tablets steroids present distinct risks of liver cancer and permanent damage to the liver. Also, it is never safe or recommended to share needles when using any drug. When you inject any anabolic steroids and then share needles, the risk of contracting blood transmitted infections like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, hepatitis B are increased.


Based on the benefits mentioned above, it is evident that using legal steroid alternatives will offer you many benefits. And in particular, if you want to gain more muscle as well as enhance your overall athletic performance.

To date, there are very many different kinds of legal steroids for you to choose from. The best part is that they are all safe for use! This means you don’t need to use illegal or harmful steroid options in order to achieve great results.

Importantly, it is best that you focus on following healthy, sustainable ways for building muscle and staying fit. In so doing, you will avoid the potential psychological and physical harm that anabolic steroids come with. This you will do while you attain the level of fitness and good health you want.