The 8 Best Male Enhancement Pills For Hot Sex in 2020 – Reviewed

When it comes to sex, we all strive for the ultimate high – an orgasm that rocks you to your core. This is one of the many reasons why men want the best male enhancement pills.

YET despite our best efforts to empty our brains and focus on driving our partners to ecstasy, fear and self-doubt can often creep in.

Triggered by stress, anxiety or new relationship nerves, this worry can seep into your sexual encounters and can even affect how you perform. And who wants that?!

For instance, how are you meant to impress her when all you’ve got to offer is a limp dick or the promise of premature ejaculations?

Hell, even if it has never happened to you before; the worry that it one day will subconsciously set it all into motion.

So what can you do? How can you stop this from happening?

The good news is – no matter whether performance anxiety is stopping you from staying hard, or you’re struggling to last; it IS possible to turn the tide, revamp your sex life and ensure you take her breath away in all the right ways.

Below we have compiled a list of all the best male enhancement pills on the market so you can confidently take back control in the bedroom.

Best Male Enhancement Pills Reviews

As you can see, each of these male enhancement pills can offer you an edge in the sack.

From boosting your sexual performance and longevity to maximizing semen production and ejaculation volume, to strengthening your erections; each of these potent pills can assist you in a number of ways.

You can even try mixing and matching – depending on your needs at the time – because each of these products is 100% naturally formulated and proven to be side effect free.

This means you can easily integrate them into your diet and literally watch your erection strength, size, libido, and orgasmic power improve before your very eyes.

The 8 Best Male Enhancement Pills on the Market In 2020

Okay, you now know which top male enhancement ingredients to look out for, but what about the pills themselves? What makes them so special and capable of improving your sex life? Likewise, why are these 8 products better than all of the other male enhancement supplements on the market?

Let’s explain…

#1 – Max Performer

Max Performer - The Best Male enhancement pill on the market in 2020

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Max Performer
  • Ingredients
  • Formula
  • Speed of Results
  • Overall Results
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee

This male enhancement pill takes the #1 spot due to its long-standing history of being able to help its customers to achieve bigger, harder and stronger erections within a matter of weeks. You could say that this pills’ sole purpose is to help you to overcome erection problems and benefit from happier sex life, as it works hard to support your existing bodily functions.

You see, erectile problems are typically caused by stress, anxiety, low levels of self-esteem or depression – which have also been linked to falls in testosterone levels. When this happens, you are more prone to suffering from premature ejaculation and keeping it up. Max Performer strives to tackle this problem by elevating your testosterone levels; increasing blood flows around your body (particularly to your dick), and giving you the energy/stamina to satisfy your lover every time.

Ingredients in Max Performer:

In fact, it harnesses many of the ingredients we listed above (with a few added extras) – Horny Goats Weed, Cordyceps, Maca, Red Korean Ginseng, Bioperine, Zinc and Selenium – so you can benefit from:

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • A revitalized sex drive
  • Elevated sexual desire and passion
  • A reduction in erectile dysfunction
  • Raised energy levels, stamina and concentration
  • Greater physical performance and longevity
  • And most importantly… enhanced erection strength, size and firmness.

Even better, its capacity to ramp up testosterone; improve blood flows and enhance semen and nitric oxide production, means you can experience intensely powerful orgasms as your body tries to pump all of this extra semen out!

And given that Max Performer contains almost all of the top male enhancement ingredients, you can easily experience improvements to your health, vitality, and stamina as well as incredible erectile gains as your penis size, longevity and potency grow. In other words, Max Performer can give you everything you need to transform your bedroom performances, rock her world and ensure every new and existing relationship is free from stress.

Not only that but the 100-day money-back guarantee means that you can order Max Performer TODAY, without risk.

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#2 – VigRX Plus

Vigrx Plus Pills

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VigRX Plus comes in at #2, and brings with it a whole host of clinical trials and studies to support its claims. Amongst them is the fact that within 84 days, 71.43% of previous users witnessed notably increases in their sexual satisfaction, whilst:

  • 47% saw elevations in sexual desire
  • 82% benefited from significant increases in erection strength (and were able to maintain an erection for longer)
  • 49% commented on seeing big improvements in their orgasms
  • 61% saw an increase in their sex drive and felt more impassioned

These results are possible thanks to the ingredient Bioperine. This active ingredient has got a strong reputation for improving the bioavailability of ingredients, helping to increase their absorption into your system.

In doing so, you can benefit from superior quality erections; greater control and heightened sexual awareness.

So, if you’re looking for gains in erectile quality, libido and stamina, then we suggest giving this pill a try. The proof is in the science…

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#3 – Volume Pills

Volume Pills

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Volume Pills differs from the previous two male enhancement pills because it chooses to tackle the problem from a different angle.

You see, unlike the others which seek to improve blood flows, testosterone and erection strength; Volume Pills is designed to enhance your reproductive health by elevating semen volumes. And by giving this a welcomed boost, you can enjoy instant sexual gratification and immensely powerful orgasms.

The Science:

On average you need 3-5ml of semen in order to achieve a strong ejaculate stream. Less than that and you WILL see a fall in erection potency, performance and pleasure as there will be less force behind your ejaculations.

Volume Pills aims to prevent this problem by ensuring that you always produce plenty of semen and then some. In doing so, you’ll both enjoy mind-blowing orgasms as your penile muscles try to expel all of this extra semen.

But that is not all it can do…

By including zinc oxide (good for fertility and semen volume); Drilizen (blood and nitric oxide release); Solidin (improved sexual health, desire and pleasure – by influencing neurons and pleasure transmitters); Ku Gua (semen production and elevated testosterone levels); Hong Hua Fen (circulation) and Tian Men Tong (sperm counts and erections); each of these natural ingredients can help to raise your testosterone levels and improve your circulation, resulting in your penile muscles working overtime (contracting continuously and for longer) as they work to pump out more semen.

Better still, by optimizing your semen volume, this will maximize your erection strength and ejaculate quality, so you’re left with orgasms of the earth-shattering variety.

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#4 – Extenze Plus

ExtenZe Plus Pills

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Extenze Plus comes in fourth with this naturally formulated male enhancement pill. Like many of the others within this group, each of its ingredients were carefully chosen with the goal of helping its users to achieve thicker, stiffer, longer lasting erections by optimizing their blood flows.

And the process is that simple…

By helping to improve blood vessel dilation, this ensures – once aroused – that your penile chambers receive all of this additional blood and are capable of creating rock hard erections that are built to last.

This enhancement pill manages all of this by harnessing many of the clinically proven ingredients listed above – zinc, Ginseng, Horny goats weed – but also Yohimbe, L-Arginine, Black pepper, Damiana, Boron, Astragalus root, Ho Shou Wu and Hops. Through this unique formulation, not only can you enjoy bigger, harder, more satisfying erections; you can experience the high of electrifying orgasms; improved stamina, longevity and physical endurance, and heightened arousal/libido.

Now, whilst this site likes to boast about its ingredients and clinical studies; it is a little vague on how each of these ingredients actually works (hence why it comes in fourth).

This means, if you want to know more about this pill – and experience real peace of mind – you will have to do some independent research.

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#5 – Prosolution Pills

Prosolution Plus

Go to Official Prosolution Pills Website

Prosolution Pills takes fifth place and brings with it an array of clinical studies – which you can find on their site! – and a proven history of being able to help its customers to achieve increased penile strength, as well as improved sexual health and erection quality.

During one of its studies on men suffering with low sex drives and premature ejaculation; by the end of the study, they reported a 64% correction in premature ejaculation and a noticeable rise in their libido/sex drive.

These benefits can easily be attributed to its impressive and very unique choice of ingredients.

Unlike many of its competitors, Prosolution Pills has embraced the medicinal properties of many Asian herbs, amino acids and vitamins including: Tribulus Terrestris, Shilajit and asteracantha longifolia (to name a few).

The Science:

Each of these ingredients has been proven to awaken your sex drive and stimulate tissue cell growth, thus encouraging the development of thicker, stronger and longer penises that are certain to hit all the right spots.

The one downside to this pill, is the lack of detail on their ingredients and consequently their perks. Sure, they’ve got a lot of studies which prove that this pill CAN definitely bring something to the penile enhancement table. However, we’d personally like to know more about the science behind their ingredients and in what ways they can help.

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#6 – Male Libido Plus

Male libido plus from amazon

Order Male Libido Plus From Amazon

If you’re not familiar with this male enhancement pill then don’t fear, we’re about to enlighten you.

To describe it lightly, Male Libido Plus is a natural testosterone booster that seeks to elevate your energy levels, sexual desire, physical performance and stamina, so you can enjoy the fruits that come from having added testosterone in your system.

The Science:

Male Libido Plus harnesses a unique blend of your favourite male enhancement ingredients – Maca, Ginseng, Horny Goats Weed, Muira Puama and Tribulus (Pure Micronutrients) – to ensure you benefit from elevated testosterone levels and increased mood, focus/alertness, energy and passion.

It achieves this by acting as an aphrodisiac and stimulating hormones within your body so you achieve a healthy hormone balance. By bring order to the chaos that is your body this can help to: restore your sex drive; improve sperm motility and semen quality; encourage lasting muscle growth; increase your sensitivity, orgasm intensity and blood flows, AND ensure you’ve got the stamina to put it all into action.

And this is a great combo if fatigue, mental lethargy, infertility, stress or weight gain are impacting on your sex life. As this simple pill can give you a full body boost with none of the negative side effects – as it is completely stimulant free.

The only downer is its shipping. We personally recommend sticking to Amazon for this one; however, they currently won’t ship Male Libido Plus to the UK. This leaves you with two options – look for another provider – which is risky as there is no guarantee that you’re getting the real deal – or you pick another product.

Order Male Libido Plus at Lowest Price From Amazon

#7 – Nobi Nutrition Premium Male Enhancing Pills

Nobi Nutrition

Order Nobi Nutrition Premium Male Enhancement Pills from Amazon

This is another hidden gem in the male enhancement world and can only typically be found on Amazon. True, it is a bit of a mouthful to say ‘Nobi Nutrition Premium Male Enhancement Pills’ but it has got a lot to commend it.

First, is the fact that this testosterone booster is specially formulated from premium ingredients – Horny Goats Weed, Maca, Zinc Oxide and Tribulus Terrestris – to help increase your muscular strength, blood flows and stamina; restore your manhood; elevate your mood, focus, immunity and alertness, AND most importantly, enhance your bedroom performance.

Another thing we like about this pill is the fact that it is created in FDA approved facilities – which are GMP certified – and that their ingredients undergo rigorous third-party testing for purity and quality.

This little bit of info is great to know as it is an instant stress reliever. There is no need to worry about the capability and dosage of their pills as they have gone above and beyond to ensure you achieve optimal results.

Order Male Libido Plus at Lowest Price From Amazon

#8 – Male Ultracore

Male Ultracore

Order Male UltraCore From Amazon

Last, but by no means least is Male Ultracore. This natural male enhancement pill includes premium extracts of Tongkat Ali, KSM-66, Fenugreek, ZMA and numerous other natural ingredients to boost blood flows and circulation (particularly to your cock); increase your stamina, muscle strength and sexual drive; elevate your energy levels, and improve your mood.

And it is that simple…

By safely increasing blood vessel dilation, you can instantly benefit from thicker, harder and longer lasting erections, because there will be nothing stopping your blood from reaching your dick – in record time – when you’re aroused.

True, we’d like to see a bit more about its ingredients. And again having to buy from Amazon makes us a little hesitant as there is always a risk of scams. However, there is a reason that they are able to boldly tell you to compare their label against other competitors – their pill CAN and WILL increase your blood flows and erection strength.

Order Male Libido Plus at Lowest Price From Amazon

We have also delved into the science behind their ingredients so you can see EXACTLY how they will ramp up your sexual performance.

8 Ingredients to Look For When Buying the Male Enhancement Pills

Ingredients in Male enhancement pills

You’ll soon discover whilst researching male enhancement pills that there are certain ingredients that can make a massive difference to your sexual health.

Below are 8 ingredients that you should always try to look out for as they have got a proven, scientific history of being able naturally support your internal process.

And this is the difference between them and many other products…

Unlike some pills which seek to synthetically alter your body and add testosterone; the main benefit these 8 ingredients can bring to the table is the fact that they aim to support what your body already naturally do i.e. they rev up existing testosterone and hormone production, and improve blood flows, so you’re in a position to perform all night long, without consequences.

Consider. On paper, it is a wonder drug. However, this synthetic product comes with an array of nasty side effects that just aren’t worth the temporary boost.

Yet we digress…

Right now, what you really want to know is ‘why’ these 8 ingredients are a must when picking male enhancement pills.

  • horny goat weedHorny Goat Weed

This herb is traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction thanks to its active ingredient icariin.

This ingredient inhibits the activity of PDE5 which prevents the dilation of arteries around your penis. Horny Goats Weed can improve blood flows to your penis – during arousal – and ensure all three cylinders receive enough blood to create rock-solid erections that last.

It is also believed to increase testosterone levels, enhance nerve stimulation and elevate arousal.

  • Maca

macaTribes have used this herb as an aphrodisiac for centuries due to its ability to increase arousal. This is due to the phytochemicals it contains – macamides and macenes – which can help to raise your energy, strength and endurance levels.

On top of this Maca has been proven to restore levels of hormones – including testosterone – encouraging increased strength and sperm production (yep, these little critters will also see boosts in counts and mobility).

  • Korean Red Ginseng

korean red ginsengThis plant extract is overflowing in Ginsenosides which have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety – common erectile dysfunction triggers.

By helping to minimize premature ejaculation, this herb will trigger noticeable differences in your performance levels/longevity; concentration, alertness, and focus, and will also spark feelings of desire, passion, and sexual drive.

  • Cordyceps

cordycepsCordyceps is a type of mushroom with a strong reputation for improving oxygen absorption (into your organs) by enhancing communication between cells.

And this is great at it ensures all of your organs – including your sexual ones – receive plenty of nutrients and oxygen, which in turn will boost their functionality.

The biggest bonus of all though is that by bolstering your blood flows and oxygen content, this will help intensify and increase erections, testosterone levels, and sperm counts.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo BilobaReputed to boost your mental power, this leaf extract can assist in the treatment of male impotence as it can help you to achieve and maintain an erection.

It manages this by increasing AND enhancing the effects of nitric oxide – which is essential for blood vessel dilation – and boosting testosterone production. By improving your circulation, this will ensure that when you’re aroused your penis is ready, willing and able to put all of your pent up desire into action.

  • Niacin

Vitamin B3This ingredient is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction and improve your reproductive health (including your ability to maintain a healthy erection). It can also lower your cholesterol levels which can impact your sexual performance.

  • Bioperine

bioperineThis is a handy ingredient to have, as it is well-known for being able to increase nutrient intake as well as your cellular energy. With its support, you can benefit from improved blood flows, circulation, and erection strength.

  • Zinc

zincZinc is a mineral that we desperately need – yet don’t naturally produce – as it is vital for a healthy and functioning body.

From supporting cell recovery to enhancing testosterone and sperm counts to amplifying the intensity/power of ejaculations/orgasms; this simple mineral can essentially revolutionize your sex life by supporting your internal bodily processes and stopping your T levels from falling.

7 Tips on How to Buy the Best Male Enhancement Pills

Okay. Your brain is probably feeling a little scrambled by all of the info you’ve just read. And if that is the case, then that is okay. We know it is a lot to take in.

That is why we have created the following top tip guide to buying male enhancement pills so you can easily navigate this minefield and find the right fit for you.

  1. Always buy from a Reputable Brand

    Before you buy any – and we mean ANY product – it is important that you do your research and always buy from a reputable brand.

    This means, you should NEVER take a product’s word for it but should instead compare its claims against its ingredients list, consumer history, and reviews to see if there is any proof to their words.

    The best male enhancement pills will have a long list of positive reviews to support its formulation; will always be open and honest about their ingredients (and what they can do), and will have client reviews across numerous websites.

    Basically, research its brand and reputation, and where possible always buy from their official website to avoid accidentally buying imitation products with poor quality ingredients.

  2. Check The Formula for Proven Ingredients That Work

    Genuine pills will be open, honest and will even invite you to explore their ingredients list to gain a taste of what their pill can do for you.

    Most of them will even provide you with individual studies to help explain why they have been included in the formulation.

    The key to getting this right is: 1) reading these studies, 2) looking at their dosages (have they been included at optimal levels?) and 3) seeing how open they are about their ingredients.

    For instance, you will sometimes find sex pills that mention one key ingredient but are vague on everything else. Then there are others who spout on and on about their use of premium ingredients but never actually reveal what they are.

    For this reason, always look to see what they can contain and what they claim they can do, before you do your own personal research.

  3. Look For REAL Testimonials

    Believe it or not, but this is trickier than it sounds. It is easy to get caught up on bogus testimonials that have been written by the manufacturer.

    For real testimonials you will need to look at more than just their website but also on review websites. In fact, if you can find testimonials with any form of proof to back up their words i.e. photos, or a site you can prove is unaffiliated with the product; then give them a read so you can gain an honest opinion.

  4. Discreet Shipping

    Unless you want everyone to know what you’re buying – your postman, your partner or your family – then you’re going to want discreet shipping.

    The biggest perk of this shipping option is the promise that your purchase will be delivered in plain packaging with no indication of what’s inside.

    Luckily, most top male enhancement brands will instantly offer you this shipping option on their official website without you having to request it.

    This might not always be the case if they sell through third parties such as Amazon. Here, you may have to pay extra for this type of packaging or not be offered it at all (meaning someone could easily open the box and see EXACTLY what you’ve brought).

  5. Customer Support

    Even if you weren’t buying this type of product, you’d want the certainty of excellent customer support.

    After all, knowing that you can instantly reach out to someone with your questions makes you feel less like a number and more like a person. In turn, it makes them feel more human too.The best male enhancement pills always come with excellent customer support.

  6. Money Back Guarantee Honestly?

    Money back guarantees are a must in this market as they offer you the security of knowing that if you’re not 100% satisfied you can get your money back.

    The key to choosing, is looking at the length of these guarantees. You need time for these sex pills to work, so too short a guarantee will stop you from spotting an ineffectual pill until it is too late. Too long, and you’ll have to spend a lot in the first place in order to qualify.

    What you’re looking for is one in the middle. A money back guarantee that gives you plenty of time to test the pill but isn’t forever. The best guarantees for male enhancement pills fall into the 60-100 day category.

  7. Always Order Direct From The Official Website

    Pop on the web and you’ll soon discover that there are 100s of male enhancement pills claiming to be the one to solve all of your problems. And sadly, most of these are either bogus or fake imitations of quality brands.

    This means if you want a guarantee that you’re getting the real deal – a pill made from premium, clinically tested ingredients that are blended at optimal levels – you need to buy direct from their official websites.

    With official sites, you can experience the reassurance that you’re getting the genuine product and not something claiming to be them. Plus, it is easier to verify – through official websites – their ingredients, dosages and their safety.

    For this reason, avoid buying from third parties and always do your research before you buy it.



Still not sure where to start or how to break down all of this info? That’s okay…

The below FAQ has been designed to answer all of your most common questions, so you can eliminate fact from fiction and discover which of the above male enhancement pills – if any – are the best fit for your needs.

How Fast Do They Work?

We must make one thing clear – NONE of these male enhancement pills are miracle workers. They are not going to transform your testosterone levels, blood flows and stamina overnight. It is going to take some time AND some patience. That being said, they WILL produce the results you’re craving. Most guys started to feel the effects after a few days with results getting stronger, the longer you take it. Best results are usually seen after a few months of daily use. NOTE: this is just a summation. The gains you achieve WILL vary from pill to pill, from person to person, and will also depend on your dedication. For that reason, you must be patient and give each of these pills plenty of time to work – approximately two months – so you can truly escape feelings of anxiety, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Do These Male Enhancement Pills Increase Penis Size?

Truthfully? The primary goal of all of these male enhancement pills is to boost your testosterone, semen and blood flows to the point where your penis will stand to attention with ease EVERY SINGLE TIME. And a small side effect of these additional blood flows and boosts in semen production may be a slight increase in penis size. Like we’ve mentioned before, this is due to the amount of blood your penile chambers are trying to hold. As this extra blood seeks to fill these chambers, it causes your erectile tissues to ‘stretch’ and duplicate, creating new tissue. As this new tissue builds up, your penis experiences the added perk of growing in length/girth.

Are The Results Permanent?

Sadly, all of the perks you’ll experience with these pills will only last as long as you’re taking them. Sure, your improved blood flows won’t entirely disappear overnight. However, the boosts to testosterone and semen production could fall once you stop. Now before you panic, the good news is – there is no time limit to using any of these supplements, as they are all 100% naturally formulated. This means you can safely take them for as long as you need without having to worry about any nasty side effects popping up.

Do These Male Enhancement Pills Have Side Effects?

Nope. None. As long as you take these pills responsibly and don’t exceed the recommended dosages, you can safely take any of these penis pills without having to deal with the typical side effects you get to expect from synthetic products. Instead, their natural formulations will simply work to support your existing bodily functions and won’t subject you to any artificial ingredients. PLUS – the top-rated supplements contain only optimal dosages of their premium ingredients.

Do These Sex Pills Require a Prescription?

Nope. You can easily purchase any of these pills online without having to get a prescription from your doctor. Obviously, we recommend consulting them first before you buy any products – so you know exactly what you need support with i.e. testosterone, semen volume or blood flows. However, aside from this, you can buy these pills discreetly, independently and as and when you need them.

How Long Should You Take These Supplements For Maximum Results?

To ensure you enjoy all of the gains that these pills have got to offer you should use them for a minimum of two months. Like we mentioned earlier, it will take time for these ingredients to build up and get to work in your system, so you won’t experience everything straight away. Instead, you’ll start noticing a subtle difference within the first couple of weeks, before they become more obvious by week eight. Just be patient and let them work their magic from the inside out.


Max Performer Of all these sexual performance enhancement pills, we have to say that Max Performer is the clear winner.

Sure each of these supplements brings something to the table. And yeah, they can offer you multiple routes for tackling your penile issues. However, if you’re looking for the complete package then Max Performer is the best place to start.

Not only can it provide you with promising results and quality ingredients – served at optimal dosages – it is also backed by clinical studies that confirm the potency of their ingredients.

In fact, Max Performer contains 7 of the best male enhancement ingredients on the market – all of which have been clinically tested to prove that they can provide you with lasting penile gains.

From bolstered sexual desire, libido, energy and performance levels, to thicker, harder firmer erections, to mind-blowing orgasms and elevated semen production; in a matter of weeks, you can say bye-bye to anxiety and erectile dysfunction, and become the man you want to be – a stallion in the sack.

On top of that Max Performer comes with the promise of affordable pricing ($8 per week), optimal dosages and a 100-day money-back guarantee so you can revitalize your sex life 100% naturally, safely and with complete peace of mind.

What more can you ask for?


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