Mind Lab Pro Review – Is this Universal Nootropic the Best Available?

One of the most reputable nootropics, Mind Lab Pro is dominating the market for many reasons. For many nootropic consumers, Mind Lab Pro hits top scores for value, potency, and benefits.

Mind Lab Pro Review

After reading the promising reviews, I decided to put this to the test and find out how this nootropic supplement scores as a modern nootropic.

What are the ingredients behind this powerful brain-booster? Is Mind Lab Pro safe to take? What health benefits could be expected from taking a nootropic?

Read on to discover my verdict of Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredient Review

Stacked with 11 brain-boosters in natural vegan Plantcaps®, Opti Nutra expertly formulated this supplement with ingredients that work synergistically for 100% brainpower.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Unlike other brands that do not disclose their ingredient list, this product highlights the exact doses of all the ingredients. For the standardized ingredients, they also provide precise doses of bioactive per capsule.

This is a key feature of Mind Lab Pro – I know exactly what ingredients I’m taking with 100% confidence.

From a quality standpoint, it is reassuring that the blend features patented, certified ingredients, such as Suntheanine® and Cognizin®. While they may be on the pricier end, it means that you are getting the best available ingredient for maximum absorption and utilization.

As listed on the bottle, here are the ingredients per 2 capsules of Mind Lab Pro:

  • B6 – 2.5mg
  • B9 – 100mcg
  • B12 – 7.5mcg
  • Citicoline – 250mg
  • Bacopa monnieri – 150mg
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – 500mg
  • Phosphatidylserine – 100mg
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – 175mg
  • L-Theanine – 100mg
  • RhodiolaRosea – 50mg
  • Maritime Pine Bark – 75mg

Sounds great so far – but how does each ingredient fit the bill?

Let’s take a closer look at the nootropics chosen by this supplement to target all aspects of cognitive performance.


B-vitamins- particularly B6, B9, and B12 – have established roles in brain health.

Vitamin B6 supports the production of hormones involved in cognition, such as serotonin, melatonin and norepinephrine. As a nootropic, B6 promotes blood flow to the brain to enhance energy and focus.

The Mind-Lab Pro formula combines B12, B9, and B6, which are all involved in recycling homocysteine. High homocysteine levels are harmful and may contribute to brain fog and cognitive decline.

Supplementing with B-vitamins can reduce homocysteine levels to encourage cognitive performance.

Citicoline: (Cognizin®)

A nootropic would not be complete without a choline precursor. Citicoline is used in the production of a brain-boosting neurotransmitter – acetylcholine.

Taking citicoline can support brain energy, blood flow, cell signaling, neuroprotection, and cellular regeneration. Citicoline can also support the cell membrane’s structure.

Higher levels of acetylcholine in the brain are also linked to an increase of the feel-good hormone, dopamine. A dopamine boost can enhance memory, learning, mood and focus.

Bacopa Monnieri:

Bacopa Monnieri – also known as Brahmi – is a longstanding adaptogenic herb. Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, bacopa is now recognized as a widespread nootropic.

The bacosides found in bacopa contribute to the herb’s studied health benefits. Well-researched for their antioxidative potential, bacosides protect the brain and boost activity. Bacopa may enhance brain performance and memory and offer neuroprotective benefits.

The bacopa monnieri in Mind Lab Pro is a full spectrum, potent extract, standardized to provide 45% bacosides. This nootropic supplement is calibrated to provide exact doses of 9 bacoside compounds for maximum benefits.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom:

Lion’s Mane is the only mushroom studied to promote cognitive health. Two nootropic agents dominate Lion’s Mane – hericenones and erinacines.

In research, Lion’s Mane has been studied to prevent nerve damage in the brain and relieve anxiety and depression. Researchers suggest that Lion’s Mane promotes the release of nerve growth factor – a neuroprotective hormone.

The Mind Lab Pro formula contains a therapeutic dose of full-spectrum Lion’s Mane to enhance cognitive performance.

Phosphatidylserine: (Sharp PS® Green)

A phospholipid that forms 15% of the cell membrane’s structure, phosphatidylserine (PS) maintains cellular integrity.

With regards to brain health, PS is considered an effective multitasker. It can supercharge cellular energy by accelerating glucose metabolism, optimize cell signaling and boost dopamine levels. As a result, PS can promote mood, brain energy and focus whilst protecting the brain against oxidative damage.

Mind Lab Pro uses the cleanest form of PS, naturally derived from sunflower lecithin.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine:

L-tyrosine is an amino acid required to produce neurotransmitters that play a role in memory and cognitive processing.

In particular, tyrosine helps with the generation of dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. Studies show that tyrosine can also enhance cognitive function during stressful conditions, as it promotes the restoration of neurotransmitters that are depleted by cortisol.

The form used in Mind Lab Pro (N-Acetyl L-tyrosine) has augmented bioavailability compared to standard L-tyrosine. The acetyl group of the compound can also promote the synthesis of brain-boosting acetylcholine.

L-Theanine: (Suntheanine®)

A natural amino acid found in green tea, L-theanine is a multi-acting nootropic that contributes to relaxation, focus and creativity.

L-theanine stimulates alpha and theta brain waves in the brain, which are associated with energy, alertness and tranquillity. L-theanine can also increase the production of serotonin and dopamine to improve mood.

This nootropic supplement is packed with 100mg of Suntheanine® for ultimate wakeful relaxation.

Rhodiola Rosea:

Rhodiola is a prized herbal adaptogen renowned for its mental and physical benefits on human health.

For cognition, Rhodiola is known to improve mental fatigue and processing. Additionally, it can also support clear-thinking, attention, and work performance.

The extract in Mind Lab Pro is standardized for rosavins and salidrosides, which are the main bioactive compounds in the Rhodiola herb.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract:

Maritime pine bark is a powerhouse of proanthocyanidin(OPCs) antioxidants. These antioxidants can cross the blood-brain barrier with ease to neutralize harmful compounds that can impair cognitive performance.

In particular, the OPCs in pine bark can stimulate the release of nitric oxide, which can increase blood flow to the brain. Improved circulation to the brain cells can enhance nutrient and oxygen uptake to rev up performance.

The pine bark extract used in Mind Lab Pro is standardized to provide 95% proanthocyanidins for maximum potency.

My thoughts on Mind Lab Pro

Mind lab pro reviewTime to put the formula to the test. What effects can be expected from taking Mind Lab Pro?

According to the Mind Lab Pro’s official website, it is suggested that the nootropic can be used to promote:

  • Studying and learning
  • Memory and recall
  • Creativity
  • Mood and relaxation
  • Attention and focus
  • Motivation and mental drive

After taking 2 capsules a day of Mind Lab Pro for a few weeks, I noticed some gradual improvements in my cognitive performance. In fact, some benefits kicked in soon after I took the first dose.

However, it is important to understand that it is not a magic pill for photographic memory or Usain Bolt brain speed. I was realistic with my expectations and took the supplement with an open mind.

These are the main effects that I’ve noticed from taking this nootropic supplement:

  • Sharper focus and concentration: It felt easier to zone into my work and block out distractions. I was able to multi-task efficiently and had a quicker overall response time.
  • Increased creativity: With Mind Lab Pro, I was able to think outside-the-box with ideas for projects I am working on. My mind felt active with vivid thoughts – I even experienced some wacky lucid dreams!
  • Improved mood and relaxation: Because of the feel-good boosters in the formula, I was generally calmer and less stressed.

Overall, I was very impressed with the effects of taking Mind Lab Pro on my cognition. After a few weeks of taking the supplement, my productivity and mental energy have increased significantly.

How to take Mind Lab Pro

Opti Nutra suggests a dosage of up to 4 capsules of Mind Lab Pro per day – split up as 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. For most people, 2 capsules per day is enough to provide a performance edge.

I noticed the best effects from taking one capsule in the morning and one capsule 2-3 hours later. This was the perfect dose for me to kickstart the day on a productive note.

I recommend starting with a low dose and monitoring the effects you experience from the supplement. Once you’re comfortable with 1-2 capsules, you can increase the dose if necessary.

Are there any side effects in Mind Lab Pro?

All the ingredients in this product are 100% natural and backed by concrete evidence. Each ingredient in the Mind Lab Pro formula has been rigorously tested in human trials for efficacy and safety.

Since I’ve started taking Mind Lab Pro, I have not experienced any negative side effects.

How does Mind Lab Pro rate as a nootropic?

After combining scores for value, strength, ingredient quality and health benefits, this product is by far the best nootropic I’ve tried to date.

  • The price of the nootropic is highly competitive for what that you get, particularly when you consider the overall quality and potency.
  • The formula is 100% clean, stimulant-free and easy to stack with other supplements.
  • The formula is cleverly designed with cherry-picked ingredients that work perfectly together for one goal in mind – 100% brainpower. It’s the ultimate nootropic recipe.

Mind Lab Pro does everything it says on the tin – and more.

Want in? If you are ready to discover your maximum mental potential, I highly recommend giving Mind Lab Pro a try. You can easily purchase the product via the official website for the best deals and to learn more about the product.

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