NO2 MAX Review and Results: Is It Worth your Money?

When it concerns supporting cardiovascular function Nitric oxide is unequalled. This element occurs naturally in our bodies and works as an excellent vasodilator. No2 Max is a great Nitric oxide booster.

No2 Max Review

It is developed to improve blood flow as well as oxygen circulation to support your workouts. This booster is considered to be the best Nitric oxide booster on the market today.

Success in both oxygen circulation and blood flow can result in increased energy levels and endurance. Not to mentions the benefits of muscle mass growth. Also, NO2 Max helps boost your sex drive.

While there are many similar products available today, most have unfortunately proven to be ineffective.

importance of no2 to body

Importance of Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is produced naturally in the body during the process of digestion. It is important as it supports the well being of the body.

Also, note that Nitric oxide is a gas. It is a key transmitter and regulator of messages (hormones) from cell to another cell. This is essential since message must get to the right recipient.

With this process, it is possible to regulate the blood circulation as well as functions in the body. For instance hormone release.

NO2 MAX: What It Is

NO2 MAX is an all-natural booster for nitric oxide manufactured by a well-known company in the supplements and sports preparations industry, Crazy Bulk. The manufacturer has ensured that this product is safe for use. The good thing is that the ingredients used are 100% natural.

Since NO2 MAX has no stimulants, it helps its users to grow larger muscle mass. The natural ingredients included he make it safe and legal.

Due to this, NO2 MAX will not cause harmful side effects. And so far, there have been no reported incidents linked to negative consequences from using its. NO2 MAX is developed to improve the circulation of blood as well as increase oxygen supply during your exercises.

With both these areas of circulation of blood and oxygen, you are likely to enjoy muscle mass benefits. Also, it helps to boost your energy levels and endurance.

no2 max review

NO2 MAX: How It Works

The main function of this supplement and how it works is to enhance your blood circulation. Since it acts as a vasodilator, your arteries will open to allow for higher amounts of blood to flow. And the muscles are capable of accepting more nutrients which allows them to grow in larger volumes and much faster.

So what this nitric oxide booster does, is to open your arteries to immediately increase blood circulation. Based on this, you will have more blood flowing to your muscles. This also means the number of nutrients reaching your muscles will be increased as well

From this, the result will be your muscles will be able to grow in volume, that is provided, nutrients are being supplied to them.

Note that NO2 MAX supplement is not what makes your muscles to grow. Rather, NO2 MAX works by helping your blood vessels to open more for increased blood flow.

That said, it is important that you ensure that you use your diet for proper nutrition. Also, use the appropriate supplement that offers the number of nutrients needed by the muscles to help increase their mass.

NO2 MAX: Is It Safe?

The manufacturer, claims that this supplement for enhancing the production of nitric oxide is made of purely natural ingredients. Due to this, it is very safe for use and legal.

From the way this product is made using natural ingredients, you will not suffer from harmful side effects.

It is worth noting that nitrogen oxide can present complications due to blood pressure reduction. This means you might get symptoms like weakness, dizziness, nausea, feel like vomiting. However, you can reduce these possible symptoms.

Some people have suggested taking this supplement after meals. But, most people report having the best effects from taking this supplement when they take it before having any meal.

Even with this, use it in a way that works best for your body. Try taking this supplement in different ways, that is before meals and after. This will help you determine what works for your body.

Ultimately, be sure to consult your doctor before you purchase and use it. Doing so can help you avoid potential risks from using any supplement.

Who Should and should not use NO2 MAX

NO2 MAX is for you if you want to grow more muscle mass safely and using a natural supplement. It can help you reach your desired results within a short time.

But, for those with pressure problems and heart issues should avoid using this supplement.

Also, pregnant women or nursing mothers should stay away from this supplement.

no2 max review


  1. Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG)

AKG helps to advance the protein combination. Also, it helps generate no. AKG helps transform arginine into no.

When l-arginine is broken down by the body’s enzymes, NO(nitric oxide) is produced. AKG is the element than helps speed up this transformation.

  1. Di-Calcium phosphate (DCP)

Research has shown that DCP has the ability to speed up the recovery process, strengthen bone density and improve muscle growth

  1. L-Arginine

This is an amino acid that helps increase the bioavailability of NO (Nitric oxide). It helps in dilating the blood vessels to improve blood flow and oxygen flow to the heart.

L-Arginine helps repair damaged tissues and bones from traumatic injury or surgical

L-Arginine is said to enhance the strength of male athletes by generating Nitric oxide. This provides lasting effects on your growing muscles.

  1. Lambda Arginine Alpha Ketto (AAKG)

AAKG is a key ingredient in this supplement. This is an amino acid that helps in the creation of Nitric oxide in the body. What’s more, it increases the synthesis of proteins.

Arginine can be found in different foods like dairy, nuts, meat, vegetables, pulses and it plays an important role in this supplement as mentioned above.

To confirm the benefits that arginine provides, start by providing your body with these essential proteins.

The right dose of taking arginine is to about 20g per day. This is sufficient to support Nitric oxide production.

Pros and Cons NO2 MAX


  • It increases energy and levels of endurance
  • NO2 MAX helps increase blood and oxygen circulation
  • Supports optimal muscle mass increase
  • Helps reduce the recovery time required by the body
  • You don’t need a prescription to purchase


  • It helps prepare the muscles for growing their mass however, it does not cause the increase of muscle itself.

How to Use NO2 MAX for Best Results

It is recommended that you take 2 tablets with water daily. This should be done 20 minutes before your training session.

1 bottle of NO2 MAX has 60 tablets which will be enough for a month.

Also, take note that this supplement will not work with your efforts. Therefore, remember to combine this supplement with a regular training regime. And be sure to include the right diet as well.

To get the best results from this product, it is recommended that you use it for a 2 month period.

Benefits of NO2 MAX

  1. Speeds up recovery

Your body’s recovery is solely depended on the number of nutrients reaching the muscles.

Therefore, an increase in blood circulation in the body means, you will have an increase in the nutrients supply reaching your muscles. And this is what speeds up recovery.

NO2 MAX helps increased blood flow and circulation, leading to a better supply of nutrients to your muscle.

  1. Boosts energy levels

As you use this supplement, the energy levels available will greatly be enhanced. This will, in turn, reduce fatigue to leave you feeling energized due to increased oxygen supply throughout the body.

This then ensures there is sufficient amount of oxygen reaching your muscles and body tissues for increased energy.

  1. Burns fat

Earlier in the ingredient section, we mentioned L-Arginine, the main ingredient in supporting Nitric oxide production. Because of this, this ingredient can use much more glucose.

Since more energy is needed, it can cause the burning of fat, as your muscles absorb higher amounts of glucose. Thus this increases metabolism which automatically results in the burning of body fat.

  1. Improving performance

Since there will be an increased supply of energy throughout your body, it then means that your performance levels will improve dramatically. Also, with exercises, your body temperature will be increased. This then will require more energy to re-balance your temperature.

Luckily, the reduction of your temperature will become easier and it takes a shorter time. This will immediately save your energy. And this can then go into in your workouts for your best performance

Possible Side Effects

NO2 Max is a natural product that is safe for use for all age categories. It can help improve your strength and stamina levels. What’s more, NO2 MAX helps speed up the recovery process.

The ingredients used in making this product are well studied. Also, they were used traditionally as a precursor for Nitric oxide by many supplement manufacturers. This unique combo and quality of this supplement are among the factors that makes it stand out from the rest on the market.

So far, there have been no side effects reported by NO2 Max users. Other than a few comments that claims of decreased blood pressure and this is normal and within the safe limits.

Also, the NO2 MAX formulation does not contain any ‘active pharmaceutical ingredient’ or API. This goes to ensure there are no side effect risks to its users. Besides, there are no steroids used in this product while for other products by CrazyBulk might contain safe and legal steroids.

The blend is based on several clinical and scientific findings, therefore, anything to go wrong is possibly nil.

How to Increase Nitric oxide Naturally

Other than taking the NO2 MAX supplement, it is possible for you to increase nitric oxide levels in the body. You can do this through:

  1. Exercise. This a truly natural way you can use to increase nitric oxide.
  2. Nutrition. There are several foods that can help you boost nitric oxide. These include shellfish, fish, spinach, beet juice, garlic, watermelon, celery, nuts (like peanuts and walnuts), spirulina, pomegranate and lettuce sprig. And lastly
  3. The sunlight.

NO2 MAX – Purchase And Where To Find It

When you want to purchase NO2 MAX, you can only find it from the manufacturer’s official website. And this is a good thing since it guarantees that the product you get is genuine.

A package, which includes 1 bottle goes for the price of 59.95 $. However, CrazyBulk, the manufacturer, has special offers when you buy two or more bottles. In addition, there are gifts that come with some of the offers.

For instance, you will have 8 guides on exercises and nutrition. These include tips and tricks on how to get the most from using this product and nutrition recommendations.


This is a great supplement that helps increase Nitric oxide in the body. Since NO2 MAX has no stimulants, it can help you develop huge muscle mass at no risk. The natural ingredients in it make this product safe for use and legal.

Also, in the past several years have seen NO2 MAX being used more often by many bodybuilders and athletes which helps them reach their goals.

This product helps to prepare your muscles for bulking. Due to this action, it will take you less time to achieve your desired goal. Also, it causes the fast synthesis of protein, which is essential in muscle development.

A good supplement, like NO2 MAX, should offer you these effects. It should also, speed up protein synthesis, which means apart from preparation, it offers the nutrients necessary for increasing your muscle mass.

Therefore, if you are in search of a legal steroid that will help you grow lean muscle mass, then NO2 MAX is your best choice.

Nearly all specialists and bodybuilders use this supplement to achieve their goals.

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