Nugenix Reviews: Is It As Effective As It Claims?

Generally, testosterone has been linked solely with men than with women, a fact that is not true. This presence of this hormone is essential for both sexes, but it should be at different levels.

Nugenix Reviews, Ratings and Results

And as men age, testosterone levels often get greatly reduced. This reaches a point where the low number result in serious problems for men.

Some of the notable issues include loss of sexual desire and drive and a bad mood. Besides, daily strength gets reduced and muscles become weaker.

In addition to the above issues, a man’s psychological condition gets affected. This is because he does not feel young, strong, useful, and sexually attractive.

However, today, there are numerous products on the market that promise to boost testosterone. This makes it challenging to determine the right supplement for your needs.

This review will be looking at Nugenix, what it is, how it works and the ingredients used to make it. An in-depth look at Nugenix will help you understand how it works and help you figure out whether it will work for you.

Nugenix Reviews

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Nugenix: What it is

This supplement is made using all-natural ingredients to help in testosterone production. Due to its completely natural composition, it means that you are at no risk of suffering side effects.

Nugenix is scientifically formulated to help with boosting testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is linked to many functions in the male body like masculinity, libido and mood.

Nugenix is an excellent testosterone booster which consists of multiple ingredients. A great Test booster will include multiple ingredients that are linked to the production of more testosterone.

Also, most t boosters are specially developed to help fight low T symptoms.

About Testosterone

This male hormone plays a major role in many areas of a man’s overall health. Testosterone helps maintain the strength of muscles and bones and in promoting sex drive.

Also, low testosterone levels in the body can cause depression, extreme fatigue, feelings of weakness, and lost or decreased interest in sex. The levels of testosterone in the body tend to reduce after the age of 30.

How it works

Nugenix was formulated to help the body restore free testosterone to reach healthy levels. This is crucial since as men grow older, their natural test levels lessen over time.

This supplement was created using natural ingredients that are aimed at boosting testosterone production. This boost has been achieved with Testofen, the active ingredient of this supplement.

Further, when this is combined with L-Citrulline Malate, interesting results are brought to the issue of erectile dysfunction. This ingredient increases the production of Nitric acid which leads to improved blood circulation.

Zinc found in this supplement supports DNA production while Vitamins B12 and B6 reduce fatigue. Nugenix also has a combo of ingredients that are not specifically mentioned, to avoid the copy of the product.

Who Should and should not use Nugenix

Nugenix is especially beneficial for men over 30 and those who are experiencing problems linked to low test levels. Some of these include erectile dysfunction, low energy, low sex drive and libido. Often men will experience this after age 30.

Men who wish to increase their muscle mass can benefit from taking Nugenix. This is because increased T levels make training for strength more efficient.

However, if you are a child, a woman, or are suffering from other health conditions that can be affected by a boost of testosterone, then Nugenix is not best for you.

With increased levels of natural testosterone can negatively affect a woman’s health and physical features. It can cause abnormal development in children, and increase the risk of heart issues and strokes in elderly men.

Even though a supplement like this can be beneficial to many people, this formulation is meant to be a training supplement.


While all the ingredients used in making this formulation are safe and natural it is important to point out that Nugenix uses a proprietary blend.


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This means the manufacturer has chosen not to disclose the dose of individual components. Instead, the total amount of the ingredients has been represented as a ‘blend’.

Below is a look at each ingredient contained in Nugenix and the role it plays in the formula.

  1. Testofen

This is extracted from Fenugreek herb and is said to help increase your levels of free testosterone. Even though this extract was formulated and developed in a lab, testofen is a natural ingredient.

Studies done have shown that Testofen has remarkable positive effects on levels of free-testosterone in humans and rats. This ingredient helps improve sexual virility in men and it is the main active ingredient in Nugenix supplements.

  1. L-Citrulline Malate

This non-essential amino acid greatly increases your body’s production of Nitric oxide. With more Nitric oxide in the body, blood can flow easily through the arteries, to give you numerous benefits.

Increased blood flow can improve brain function, increase muscle gain, and lead to improved sexual function and libido. Also, this can help individuals with hypertension or high blood pressure.

  1. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is a plant that is found across the globe. Due to its positive effects, it has on health, It has been used for many years. Tribulus is common in both traditional Indian medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

It is used for boosting libido—and that is what Nugenix does—and is an anti-inflammatory agent. Tribulus is also used for the good health of the urinary tract. Furthermore, it can help other conditions like chest pains, enlarged prostates and eczema.

  1. Vitamin B6

The B6 Vitamin is often included in many supplements. Its health benefits cannot be underestimated since this vitamin is necessary for brain development. It also supports hormone production in our brains.

Vitamin B6 lowers the risk of suffering a stroke. It is excellent in the production of hormones that govern our mood and help in treating stress.

Vitamin B6 also ensures that both the immune systems and nervous system are operating at their optimal.

  1. Vitamin B12

This is another important B vitamin that is not produced naturally in the body. This means you get it from the foods you eat.

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in DNA production in your body. DNA is the building block of all your bodily functions.

vitamin has been used in making Nugenix as it quickens hormone production in a more efficient manner. This ensures that more natural testosterone is produced in the body.

  1. Zinc

Since Zinc is necessary for keeping your immune system healthy, it helps stimulate enzymes found in your body. When you are deficient of Zinc, your risk of suffering an infection is increased.

Zinc also helps slow down the degradation of the body often linked to aging. Most people don’t receive enough doses of Zinc per day. For this reason, Nugenix includes it to not only support the other ingredients used but to help keep your Zinc levels at max.

Pros of Nugenix

  1. Nugenix contains ingredients that have been proven to boost testosterone production in the body.
  2. No significant negative reviews
  3. This product can help improve brain function
  4. it does not have reports of any harmful side effects
  5. Its “Secret mixture” contains one of the most powerful ingredients.
  6. Nugenix contains no stimulants
  7. This product supports the natural production of the hormone in the body.

Nugenix – Cons

  1. This supplement is developed for men only
  2. It does not give details about its “secret mix”, which is a negative factor for potential purchases. This increases doubts on safety and quality of the product.
  3. It is expensive
  4. It may have interactions with other medications which limits its use

Dosage Instructions: How to Take it

This supplement should only be used by healthy adults. Also, you should follow the instructions on the label for best results. Nugenix pills should be taken before meals, that is on an empty stomach. The recommended dosage is only 3 capsules taken every day.

As you train daily – whether you want to cut fat or are trying to grow your muscle mass. It is suggested that you take this product 30 – 45 minutes before starting to exercising or hitting the gym.

Also, avoid exceeding the recommended dosage. Keep in mind that when taking testosterone results may take time to be visible. Therefore, give it about a week for the effects of the supplement to kick in. And if you are not happy with your results, don’t increase the dosage.

When taking Nugenix and you aren’t working out, it is recommended that you take the pill in the morning.

Benefits of Nugenix

Taking Nugenix can offer you many benefits some of which include:

  1. It increases stamina and strength
  2. Nugenix helps boost free testosterone levels safely and naturally
  3. It will boost your vitality and sex drive
  4. It helps in growing muscle mass
  5. Nugenix eliminates erectile dysfunction
  6. Modulates androgenic activity

Nugenix side effects

This formulation is pretty safe to use since it uses natural ingredients. These ingredients are will not cause you any adverse effects in any way.

Even then it highly recommended that you consult a medical practitioner before taking this product. In so doing, you will be able to confirm that it will not cause you any harm.

Nugenix does not contain any stimulants like caffeine. This helps users avoid a whole category of adverse effects.

As you take Nugenix and you start experiencing any adverse side effects, it may be caused by something else other than this T booster supplement.

With that in mind, Nugenix should be taken by healthy adults only. Also, you should talk to your primary doctor before using any supplement and this includes this one.

Your doctor can have you undergo a blood test. They might also check your heart health and overall health. This will ensure that you’re not at any risk thus you can start taking it.

When you notice any adverse effects, you should stop using this product and talk to your primary doctor immediately.

Nugenix T-Booster Price and Purchase

Currently, there’s confusion regarding the price of the product on the market. You might come across different prices with huge variations on the online selling platforms.

However, generally, Nugenix goes for an amount of between $30.00 to 60.00. This is depended on the website you use to purchase. Thus, you are likely to get entirely different deals.

Currently, on GNC, Nugenix goes for $57.99 while Walgreens sell it for $34.99. This is about half the price difference for the same product.

You should, therefore, do some of your homework before buying Nugenix. Doing so will ensure that you land the best deal.

Order Nugenix From Amazon

Where to Buy Nugenix for the best deal

As you prepare to purchase Nugenix, you may start by visiting the manufacturer’s official website. There are several different health shops where you can buy Nugenix.

These include Amazon, GNC, Walgreens, and Rite Aid if you prefer to make your purchase from a brick and mortar stores.

All in all, the Nugenix official website would be the best place for the best deals. Also, they’re currently running a 2-week trial bottle which gives you the chance to sample it. All you need to do is pay for shipping.


Nugenix supplements are considered as among the best testosterone boosters available on the market. This product is scientifically formulated that can help boost the male hormone, Testosterone.

While it is completely safe for use, Nugenix contains a proprietary blend. This hides the precise doses of some of the ingredients.

Even then, this product uses natural ingredients that are proven to have the ability to increase testosterone levels. Its main ingredient is testofen a testosterone boosting ingredient.

Taking Nugenix can help you build muscles and improve your mood. Also, your strength and stamina will get a boost. Not to mention your libido and sex drive will be enhanced.

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