Prime Male Review: 100% Natural Testosterone Booster Worth the Money?

When you have low testosterone levels or are suffering from fatigue and low sex drive, you will want to take a testosterone booster you can trust. The market is full of supplements and products that claim to increase your testosterone levels. This is because this is such a desirable result for many people, especially men, but also women looking to achieve certain results. Typically, if you are looking for a testosterone booster, it’s for a few reasons:

  • You’re experiencing loss of energy and stamina;
  • You are frequently fatigued;
  • You lack sex drive or have erectile dysfunction;
  • You’re trying to increase muscle mass in the gym.
Prime Male
  • Ingredients Quality - 9.8/10
  • Build Lean Muscles Faster - 9.6/10
  • Burn Belly Fat Fast - 9.6/10
  • Mood Enhance - 9.5/10
  • Speed of Results - 9.8/10
  • Cost Effectiveness - 9.5/10
  • Customer Satisfaction - 9.7/10
  • Money Back Guarantee - 10/10

This Prime Male review is seeking to find out if this supplement can be used for the reasons above and if it’s really worth the money. We will analyze the ingredients list, the claims, the user reviews and how you should take it and the prices you should expect.

Prime Male Reviews

This Prime Male review will also compare the product to other market-leading products in the same category, like TestoGen.

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Who is Prime Male for?

Prime Male is mainly marketed for men over 30 who are struggling with lowered testosterone levels. It is looking to improve these men’s performance in the bedroom, either by increasing stamina or by fighting erectile dysfunction.

While not specifically claiming to do this, Prime Male also works for those looking for a boost in their fitness results. This means that if you work out and look to increase muscle mass, Prime Male will help you with this and in turn support fat burning. This should make you feel and look better.

Finally, Prime Male is an overall energy booster with its ingredients combating fatigue. It will give you a better mood and more vitality overall.

Therefore, you can take Prime Male for a number of reasons. In the next section, we’ll look into which ingredients work towards each goal you can have.

Ingredients in Prime Male?

Prime Male markets itself as “100% natural” so you will wonder what goes into the capsules. The ingredients list is very transparent and you will see it’s made up of vitamins and minerals, as well as natural root and plant extracts.

Prime Male Supplement Facts

This is a very good combination we’ve seen used in a lot of testosterone boosting supplements. It makes Prime Male safe and effective.

  • D-Aspartic Acid

This amino-acid is used in all the leading testosterone boosters, like for example TestoGen. Its role is to help produce the luteinizing hormone, which in turn stimulates the production of testosterone. Therefore, this is a key element to make your body produce testosterone and it’s a great ingredient to see on the list.

Moreover, Prime Male advise that they use D-Aspartic acid calcium chelate, which they consider to be better than plain D-Aspartic acid as it increases bioavailability.

  • Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral which boosts testosterone levels. It is also an aphrodisiac and helps muscle recovery. It’s one of the best ingredients in all leading brands of testosterone boosters.

  • Vitamin D

Another essential element of testosterone boosters, vitamin D has been shown to contribute to higher levels of testosterone in men. The majority of us struggle to get the right amount of vitamin D, so it’s no wonder that a supplement would help anyone.

Furthermore, having vitamin D alongside magnesium and boron in a pill helps its absorption. This is the case with TestoGen and we find it also in Prime Male.

  • Vitamin K2

This vitamin plays an important role in creating testosterone and it occurs naturally in men’s testes. However, if you have an unhealthier lifestyle or just don’t produce enough testosterone, you’ll need vitamin K2 in a supplement.

  • Vitamin B6

B-vitamins support vitality and energy levels. B6 specifically also promotes the production of male sex hormones. Therefore, this will really play a positive role in your sex life.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium supports good quality of sleep, which helps testosterone production. It’s a proven testosterone boosting supplement.

  • Boron

Both boron and magnesium inhibit the production of SHBG hormone, which binds to testosterone and renders it ineffective. Therefore, having these both in the supplement is very beneficial. Moreover, boron and magnesium help absorb vitamin D, making Prime Male more effective.

  • Mucuna Pruriens

This is a plant extract which stimulates the production of L-Dopa, which blocks prolactin, a female hormone. It also supports production of testosterone.

L-Dopa is also an aphrodisiac and this plant was used in Chinese medicine for centuries to support male health.

  • Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng is a famous vitality-providing supplement which helps combat the signs of ageing in men, including low testosterone and sexual problems. It reduces stress levels, which then allows the body to produce testosterone naturally.

  • Nettle Root Extract

While TestoGen has nettle leaf extract, Prime Male uses nettle root. It’s famous for blocking the enzymes that can inhibit the production of testosterone. Nettles also improve energy levels and boost libido.

  • Luteolin

This unique ingredient to Prime Male is an antioxidant which balances the ratio of testosterone to estrogen. As a result, it helps improve the balance of hormones in your body.

  • Bioperine

This element makes all others more effective, increasing the absorption into the body.

How does Prime Male work?

How does primale workThe combination of ingredients listed above allows Prime Male to act on several symptoms of low testosterone, as well as to stimulate production of testosterone itself.

As a result, using Prime Male will:

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve stamina and performance
  • Help develop muscle mass and reduce body fat
  • Improve sex drive and erections
  • Improve mood

The fact that it’s a 100% natural supplement helps recommend this product because it doesn’t have any steroids or chemicals. You therefore don’t have to worry about testing positive for drug tests or having negative side effects.

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How do I take Prime Male?

You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and take this as one pill, four times a day. It’s recommended that you take the pill at equal time intervals throughout the day.

There isn’t any caffeine or stimulant in Prime Male, so you are safe to take it in the evenings as well.

In order to get the best results, you need to be consistent with your intake. Therefore, count on taking Prime Male for at least a month before you can see any improvements. This does depend on your lifestyle and health situation, however.

If you want to be 100% sure that Prime Male won’t interfere with any health concerns or existing medication, we recommend consulting with a doctor before taking it. However, it shouldn’t have any interactions or negative side effects based on all the trials and reviews we’ve seen.

Finally, to increase testosterone levels, you need to also consider changes to your lifestyle. These will enhance the effects of your supplements. We recommend being active and exercising, as this will also help your energy levels. Furthermore, you need to have a healthy diet to help your body work its best and absorb the ingredients in Prime Male.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported from taking Prime Male. As it is 100% natural, it is a very low-risk supplement to take. Moreover, the lack of caffeine and other stimulants makes it safe for most people.

As mentioned above, do check with your doctor if you have particular health concerns or medication you fear might be impacted. Most of the time, this should not be the case.

What about pricing and purchasing options?

Like TestoGen and other leading testosterone boosters, Prime Male is available to buy online from the manufacturer’s website. They offer a few pricing packages:

  • 1 bottle for $69 + shipping;
  • 2 bottles for $138 + shipping (shipping for free to the United States and United Kingdom);
  • 3 bottles + 1 free for $207 with free shipping worldwide.

Considering that one bottle should give you one month’s supply of Prime Male, the best value option gives you four months of using the supplement.

Unlike TestoGen, who offer free shipping everywhere in the world, you need to consider that, if you go for a smaller quantity, you will need to pay for shipping. This is a drawback for Prime Male compared to TestoGen, for example.

On the plus side, Prime Male have a 90-day money-back guarantee. With such a generous guarantee, clearly the manufacturer is confident of the product’s performance.

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Conclusion: An effective, all-natural supplement to boost your testosterone

Prime Male has a very transparent list of ingredients and provides you with a lot of proven elements that support testosterone production. They are all natural minerals, vitamins and plant extracts. Therefore, this product is very safe and easy to take and absorb in your body.

There aren’t any reported side effects or issues if taking Prime Male. On the contrary, users review it very favourably and customers report that it works relatively quickly and effectively.

Men from all walks of life use it, from those looking for results in the gym to those needing results in the bedroom. As such, it is a highly effective formula guaranteed to improve your testosterone levels and improve your life significantly.

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