TestRX: Your Go-to Testosterone Supplement for Muscle Building

Quick question, how do you feel when you sight persons who look like the carved images of a god or better still a Dwayne Johson in physique? You should check him out.

I get, they do look too good to be true. Another question, this time the focus is on you.

How would you like to change the look and aura your body and energy give about you and your personality as a whole?

testrx-natural testosterone supplement pills review

Surprised? Well, your body does say a lot about you, your lifestyle, eating and drinking habits, sleep and others. Interestingly, you can work on all that with just a focus on your self for a period. This goes towards getting that physique and energy that you desire, one that gives you the summer confidence and a good rep too.

So with your decision made on the type of life you want, we will let you in on our discovery made. Here’s it, we discovered that with low testosterone levels comes lean, and weak muscles in men. Why? Simple! Because testosterone enhances your protein synthesis which provides the needed level of proteins for healthy muscle growth.

Low testosterone goes way further to negatively affect the following in your body:

  • Struggling weight loss
  • Low Human growth hormone (HGH)
  • Low energy levels
  • Depleted natural performance
  • Weak sexual drive

But there’s nothing to worry about on this. Why? Since the discovery of testosterone as the determining factor in the achievement of all the aforementioned conditions above, various testosterone products have been manufactured and pushed into the market. But not all are potent enough to provide the needed level of testosterone your body requires.

Having discovered this solution, we went on to select testosterone boosters which were the real deals. We want to save you the stress of settling steroids and other claimed boosters with insignificant ingredients that are either harmful to your body in dosage or insufficient to meet the demands of your body.

Interestingly, our discovery on this a white-capsuled testosterone booster is that it meets all the aforementioned effects of a low testosterone level.

Let’s first hear from one who aside from us, has seen the miraculous effect of the testosterone booster.

Customer Testimony


I’m Greg, just turned 34 and can’t fathom what’s happening with my body. I mean I know the efforts I have made but can’t believe it all worked and the rate at which it did. About 4 weeks ago, I had lost all hope in getting my athletic body from college back. This got me depressed because I had subscribed to trying all sorts just to lose weight and build visible muscles. I was afraid of getting on steroids, being aware of the side effects it comes with, and decided to stick with the testosterone supplement. As adviced by my physician. I came across natural testosterone – TestRX, which I thought was another fad at getting into my pockets.

I did a bit of research on the components of the supplement, which were natural herbs backed by clinical researches. Coupled with the 60-day guarantee on refund, I had nothing to lose and gave it a try, making sure to follow on its recommended usage, the types of exercise and post-exercise activities. It worked! I had lost about 50lbs, and continually see the effects of my daily workout. I feel like I’m dreaming!

TestRX gave me one thing – the hope that I had lost!

Clinical studies on TestRX effect

To understand this in clear terms, we will first have to get what scientific researches have on the potency of testosterone supplements concerning other products in the market.

As we get on the core ingredients that make TestRX powerful, its worthy of note that several studies including those by the US NIH have observed the market to testosterone supplement, to not be as effective, even when used on a long-term.

Clinical studies on TestRX-how does it work

ZMA the secret formula of TestRX which contains Zinc Monomethionine, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) enhances athletic performance, with the delivery of oxygen to your muscles, improved testosterone levels, and libido. This is based on the report by a Healthline nutritionist and WebMD.

Research published in the Journal of Hormone & Metabolic Research, on the components of TestRX, such as the 1140 IU of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), and 20mcg of Vitamin K2, has been observed to increase testosterone levels.

Another component of TestRX is 200mg of Magnesium (from Magnesium Aspartate ), which has been identified by published research on Biological Trace Element Research, to stimulate testosterone production when taken as a supplement.

As with Magnesium, the same goes for zinc deficiency, which has been identified by an NIH research, to drop testosterone levels. Fortunately, TestRX contains 10mg of Zinc (as Zinc Monomethionine and Aspartate ).

Fenugreek is a soy herb, which serves multiple purposes. According to MedicalNewsToday, it addresses low testosterone levels, muscle recovery, obesity, low energy levels, and recovery from muscle pain. A study by the NIH on how Fenugreek induces weight loss also helped put a seal on this discovery. Another study by the NIH also confirmed the positive effect on testosterone levels and sperm count.

TestRX contains more healthy natural components, which we will be discussing shortly, but let’s first get on how TestRX works for you.

Insight and Benefits

TestRX is a proprietary blend of herbals, vitamins, and minerals, manufactured by an American-based health institute, Leading Edge Health.

TestRX Reviews

For the past 18 years, Leading Edge Health has been dedicated to sourcing. Testing, and formulating high-quality natural products that improve life.

TestRX aims at helping you:

  • Increased testosterone level
  • Lose weight
  • Build a healthy muscle and bone mass
  • Increase your energy level
  • Level up your sex drive

Its contents are present at ideal dosages and have been proven to clinically safe for consumption.

How TestRX Works

how testrx works

TestRX primarily performs two functions:

  1. TestRX induces your body’s production of testosterone for itself, which then takes part in protein synthesis, by binding with the androgen receptors present in the muscle cells. This process enables the build of large and strong muscle build.
  2. Secondly, TestRX contains amino acids, which are primary building blocks in protein synthesis. The proteins formed, contribute to your muscle growth.

This way your body never runs out on available proteins, and in cases of needed muscle recovery, your body utilizes the available proteins to heal micro-tears in your muscle tissues.

Components of TestRX

TestRX core ingredients designed to trigger testosterone production are D-aspartic acid, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin (D3, B6, K2), and Fenugreek seed extract (50% saponins). They are all aimed at increasing muscle mass, performance, and testosterone.

testrx-natural testosterone booster ingredients

These are ingredients that range from helpful medicinal herbs, spices, amino acids, to mineral nutrients (trace elements).

Here are a few of its components and their benefits for you, when consumed in TestRX, they include:

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract

As earlier discovered, Fenugreek present at a dosage of 75mg per capsule primarily functions to enhance libido and sex drive for better performance. It also boosts testosterone levels and aids weight loss.

  • D-aspartic acid

D-aspartate is a natural amino acid that is a must-have ingredient in all testosterone boosters. It increases your muscle mass and strength, improves sperm quality and production and boosts low-level testosterone and sexual functioning.

It works by supporting key-testosterone producing hormones (follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone).

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D3, the fat-soluble vitamin obtained by sunlight exposure, enhance your body’s absorption of calcium, your testosterone level, and sperm quality. This is effective if vitamin D deficient.

  • Zinc

Intake of testosterone boosters containing this micronutrient (zinc), helps prevent a decline in your testosterone especially when recovering from intensive fitness workout. It also helps increase your sperm count and testosterone level.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium, when in low amount has been linked with low testosterone levels in individuals who are aged, live a sedentary lifestyle or are athletes without a healthy diet. This is because magnesium is readily available in your daily foods and as such should be accessible except when you eat unhealthily.

Magnesium helps your body build muscle function, give adequate sleep, cellular energy and maintains your natural body fluid.

Safety and Side effects

As far as you do not have a history of a health condition, you will be fine. However, do consult your physician on your health status to be certain.

Relax, TestRX has been designed with a formulation of 100% organic nutrients from herb extracts that are free of side effects.

A pack of TestRX comes with a list of all its ingredients with their doses. Also, Its manufacturer’s studies have raised no side effects so far, and TestRX contains no component in its active pharmaceutical form, on in its refined form.

How to use TestRX

TestRX contains 120 capsules, to be consumed at a serving of 2 capsules in the morning and afternoons, preferably with meals and 8oz of water.

It should not exceed 4 capsules within a 24-hour timeframe. Also, ensure you put those muscles to work with light post-exercise drop reps and assisted reps, and take needed rest from time to time.

You are expected to see results within the first 4 weeks, with an increase in stamina.

TestRX offer

The TestRX is offered at $6.95 for a month’s supply, $129.95 for 2 months’ supply, $179.95 for 3 months’ supply, $239.95 for 4 months’ supply, $299.95 for 5 months’ supply, and $339.95 for 6 months’ supply.

The bigger your order the more you save on cost. It comes with free worldwide shipping. There are discount codes available when making your orders, save costs by using them.

What’s interesting is that each order comes with a 60-day guarantee and a refund policy, that how much confidence goes with the product.

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