About Us

FSCIP.org was created with the purpose of serving as an authoritative leader in the review, recommendation and testing of consumer products in various niches and industries. FSCIP stands for Food, Supplement, Consumable, and / or Ingestible Products, which are our core areas of interest.

If a product was created to improve our day-to-day, help us live longer and more fulfilling lives, we want to get our hands on that product and give you an unbiased review and opinion, to help you make a more informed decision.

Our team is comprised of guest writers, scientists and journalists who all come together to give you the most in-depth, first-person account of our results when trying products you also look to try.

We are proud to have two resident experts in the supplement industry, each focusing on a different niche. Combined our experts have over 35 years of industry experience.

Ron Gilbert

Ron Gilbert is a journalist specializing in biotechnology and human sciences – Ron is fuelled by his passion for the latest health products, inventions and innovations that help us perform better and have more fulfilling lives.

Liliana Lander

Liliana Lander possesses a degree in Gender Studies from the UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women and is well adept in the understanding, psychology and function of the female gender. She has a passion for skincare, anti-aging and the natural supplement industry and how it relates specifically to the female gender.