Winstrol Pills Reviews and Results 2020: Is It Worth The Risk

Winstrol, also known as Winny or Stanozolol is a 17-structured androgenic steroid. It’s among the most used steroid for performance enhancement among athletes. Winstrol was first introduced in the 1960s into the market. It was developed for treating multiple diseases like osteoporosis. 

Winstrol Pills Review

Today, you will still find Winstrol in some pharmacies, in veterinary as well as animal clinics. However, today athletes are prohibited from using it. The thing is, Winstrol is banned and detectable in the official athletic events. Even so, Winstrol may be prescribed if a physician finds it necessary for medical use …a fact that is extremely rare. 

In this Winstrol review, we’ll learn about how Winstrol works in your body, its effects and results and also the recommended legal alternative. 

How does Winstrol work in the body? 

how does winstrol work

Next in our Winstrol review, we’ll look at what this substance does in the body.This steroid functions like Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, therefore, it perfectly mimics the natural activity of testosterone. Besides burning fat, Winstrol regulates the production of lipoprotein by decreasing the high-density lipoprotein( HDL) and raising the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels. Another function of Stanozolol is that it can decrease SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin ). And this has two advantages. 

First, SHBG neutralizes steroid molecules by binding to them. Second, SHBG binds to the natural testosterone, which reduces its bioavailability. With reduced SHBG levels, both the available testosterone and steroid molecule can now function correctly. Other functions that Winstrol has is enhancing calcium release within your muscle cells, improved nitrogen retention, and improved parasympathetic signalling cascade. 

CAUTION: Winstrol – differs from other anabolic steroids in that it is not converted into the female hormone (estrogen). Hence, causes no estrogenic side effects to your body. 

Winstrol – Ways You Can Use It 

Winstrol can be used in two ways: 

  • Oral use ( pill form) 
  • intramuscular injection 

Each of these forms presents both positive as well as negative effects. Let’s look at each form. 

Injection Form 

This steroid is safer when used in injection form. Though this may sound strange, it is indeed true. In pill form, Winstrol is more dangerous. With the injection, it is administered intramuscularly and is best applied on the thigh, upper arm, or buttock. 

CAUTION: The injected material directly passes into your bloodstream making this a much safer method for your liver. 

Oral Use By Pill 

This is certainly the much simpler method – as it doesn’t require injections and needles – but it’s a lot more harmful to your liver. 

Note that this anabolic is a potent 17-alpha-alkylated steroid, and is generally very dangerous to your health … and when it is in this form the characteristics come out as even more harmful (especially to your liver). 

TIP: In either form, Winstrol is still very dangerous and a prohibited substance. 

What Results Can You Expect After Using Winstrol? 

winstrol before and after use

winstrol before and after use - pic 2

Winstrol delivers on its promised results, as long as you use it correctly following the directions from your nutritionist or doctor. One guaranteed result is developing lean muscles that you can achieve from using Winstrol. The excess adipose fat found under your muscle skin is utilized during hard workout sessions. This then leaves tight muscle mass with lots of veins which add an aesthetic elegance. 

Like all steroids, Winstrol can stimulate your bone marrow, thus improving the production of RBCs which then improves nutrients flowing into your muscle tissues. Increased circulation, enhanced oxygenation, and improved muscle contraction adds to your endurance and stamina levels. 

That’s what gives you the sudden outbursts of energy as well as mental push only from a few days of using Winstrol. Also, muscle fatigue is greatly reduced with Winstrol usage, due to its ability to elimination cortisol; the muscle eating substance isn’t allowed to increase after vigorous exercises. 

And depending on your dosage, cycling, and exercises the effects could start showing up anywhere from week 1 to week 4. 

Is Winstrol legal? 

Winstrol’s legality is limited to treating specific conditions like ulcer healing, lipodermatosclerosis, and angioedema. This substance can only be acquired and used under a clinician’s supervision.Though this steroid was banned from usage in sports supplementation, it was administered in medical therapeutic. 

Winstrol is categorized as a ‘schedule III’ substance due to the potential of it being abused. Also, the user could develop an addiction that is why it is classified as a ‘controlled substance’ in many countries. Since Winstrol has an androgenic property, it is an ideal choice for bodybuilders. Also, it is among the most abused substance for enhanced sports performance. 

WADA (World anti-doping agency ) has prohibited the use of this steroid in performance enhancement since it has unparalleled potential as well as biased benefits. Also, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the International Olympic Committee banned this drug in 1974. But, to this day, people illegally get this steroid and administer it for performance enhancement because of its excellent androgenic effect. 

Are Winstrol Results Permanent? 

From this Winstrol review, we have seen that results from Winstrol are almost immediate … they, unfortunately, don’t last long. You can only retain the results provided you use Winstrol. 

Some users might be thinking that being exposed to these side effects may be fine considering you will be doing this only once. 

But that’s not the case… 

The bad news is if you want a ripped body using Winstrol, its effects won’t last long. They’ll fade away quickly within a month or two, depending on your health levels, diet, and exercise regime. 

Is it worth it to go through those harmful side effects and risk being exposed to severe threats for only a 4-week show-off? 

CAUTION – Using Winstrol even if it is for a short time will still cause side effects. And when you increase your dosage – to maximize your results – then the side effects will be more severe and harmful. 

Does Winstrol Have Side Effects? 

Use of Winstrol causes many side effects – the common of these– include: 


Use of steroids causes the androgenic effect of baldness. The active kind of testosterone is noted for attacking your hair follicles, and this is why most people with heightened testosterone levels often end up going bald. 

As for the type of baldness known as androgenic alopecia, you will go bald due to the circulating hormones. 

If you introduce to your body the additional androgenic hormones, then the likelihood of it inducing androgenic alopecia is higher. More so if you are genetically predisposed. 


Acne is among the most popular androgenic effect from steroid usage. Testosterone hormone is anabolic, that means it triggers the production and synthesis of muscle and many other things which includes sebum. 

When you have higher sebum amounts in your skin, then it is likely that your skin pores will become clogged which starts causing pimples on the skin.  

This will not only appear on the face, but it can spread to the whole body. 


This steroid can at times change how people handle stress as well as their behaviour. On some occasion, it could result in stress and anxiety problems. 

While in other instances, people report that Winstrol leads to hyperactivity and aggressive behaviour. 

Also, there are many issues of insomnia for no particular reason. But, at times this side effect can be so marked that you will be forced to stop using this anabolic steroid. 

Libido changes 

During the Winstrol cycle and even throughout the post cycle phase, you might experience some changes in libido. This can be from the total lack of sexual desire to having a heightened and insatiable drive. Such changes are caused by your testosterone levels. 

You will perceive such changes in your body, and the internal signalling that controls your sexual appetite may become messy and confusing. 


Likewise, people who have reported behavioural changes will sometimes cite experiencing depression as well. But, this side effect is usually seen after you have finished your cycle. 

The thing is, having healthy amounts of testosterone will help you fight depression. Bringing the additional source of hormones can prevent the normal production of testosterone in the body. 

And because there will be less circulating, it can result in significant changes in your mood and disposition. 

Joint pain: 

Winstrol can reduce your body weight as it will initially lower your body water. And it so happens that your joints require a kind of lubrication known as synovial fluid. It is this fluid that also often drys out. 

And without the proper lubrication, the joints can start rubbing against each another, and after a while, this will become excruciatingly painful. 

Testosterone suppression 

Normally, testosterone is produced in the testicles. So, including an additional source of testosterone, like with Winstrol, can cause changes to your natural circulating levels. 

The body has a tight hormonal control, but Winstrol can fool your system, which makes your body believe that it is creating enough testosterone. From this, your testicles may slack back and depend on your daily dosage of Winstrol. 

And guess what? 

If you eventually give up Winstrol, your natural testosterone synthesis may be suppressed or blocked. This is why you are likely to need post cycle therapy to help fix the damage. 

Cholesterol problems: 

Typically, there are two sub-types of cholesterol, the good cholesterol which is HDL and the bad cholesterol which is LDL. 

All anabolics including Winstrol and testosterone can lead to increased levels in the LDL cholesterol. This can be terrible news, more for anyone suffering from any form of heart disease or have cardiovascular problems. 

The LDL cholesterol is what adds to plaque formation within your arteries and also raises the risk of experiencing some nasty health problems, like stroke and heart attack. 

Liver problems: 

Winstrol is easy to use in oral form rather than the intramuscular injection. But when you administer it in this form, it gets absorbed into your intestines. 

Then it will directly reach your liver. And when you are not cautious with the doses or if for some reason you are susceptible, your liver could start suffering due to this heavy drug. 

You might experience symptoms similar to those of hepatitis, or you might suffer from a more serious condition like liver failure. Also, you might even heighten your risk of contracting liver cancer and even death. 

Winsol, An Effective Alternative Without The Side Effects 

Are you looking for a cutting steroid that does not result in any side effects? Then your search might be over. Winsol is the legal and safe substitute that is made using natural ingredients. It mimics the results offered by using Winstrol. The best part, there are no nasty side effects. Also, the cutting results from this product don’t fade away as is the case with Winstrol. 

Winsol was developed as a legal option for bodybuilders who wish to enter the cutting phase while they try to retain their muscle mass, and also grow some extra muscle. Winsol boosts your strength, stamina, and your overall physical performance. It will also help you advance in your training if you are feeling stuck. 

Winsol is formulated by taking advantage of ancient medicinal plant extracts. Meaning you will get numerous benefits from using this supplement in addition to it being a performance enhancer. 


Although Winstrol is a great performance booster, its health risks, availability, and legality limits Its availability on the market. 

Generally speaking, steroids have many unpleasant side effects. So, if you plan to gain strength and lean mass, we recommend that you go for legal steroid alternatives like Winsol. 

This is important, more so if you don’t want to risk your life. It is also worth mentioning that today, there are “new generation legal steroids” that provide nearly the same effects as the anabolic steroids. The only difference being that the legal steroids are completely safe. 

Also, Winsol is the legal substitute for Winstrol, an anabolic steroid. 

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