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TestoGen Reviews:

TestoGen Reviews & Results 2019


Having a reliable testosterone boosting supplement you can trust to live up to the effects mentioned on the packaging is a rare find. While the market is saturated with these products, it is difficult to know which to trust or how to even begin to choose your treatment.

This is made all the more problematic by the fact that a testosterone boost is desirable for many different reasons – and therefore should be considered as such when looking for your supplement of choice.

Testosterone boosters should meet a number of criteria:

  • Be safe and recognized by their manufactuers’ country as a healthy supplement
  • Address the causes for loss of testosterone levels
  • Increase testosterone count in your blood
  • and bonus points for any additional positive effects.

Where possible, you should look for mostly natural products made up of a transparent list of ingredients (as opposed to things such as proprietary blends where you don’t know everything that’s gone into a pill).

With this in mind, TestoGen, manufactured by Wolfson Berg, ticks all the boxes and more.

What’s in TestoGen? Great transparent list of natural ingredients

The most important thing about TestoGen testosterone booster is the ingredients list.

Firstly, the most efficient testosterone boosting ingredients proven by clinical trials and years of medical and unofficial experience, have been proven to be: vitamin D, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), zinc, magnesium, D-aspartic acid, and natural herbs and root extracts such as Tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, ginger, ashwagandha and tongkat ali (longjack).

Secondly, an essential element to consider when choosing a supplement is not only the efficiency of these ingredients, but also the clarity of what’s in the supplement and the desired quantities thereof.

With TestoGen, you will get a lot of these top ingredients:


  • Magnesium

An essential nutrient which helps promote good quality of sleep, critical for testosterone production. This is a proven supplement to increase levels of testosterone, based on a multitude of clinical trials.

  • Vitamin D

Studies have shown that men with sufficient vitamin D levels have higher levels of testosterone than those without. The majority of people tend to suffer from vitamin D deficiency because of our indoor lifestyle in the modern world.

Vitamin D absorption is increased by taking it alongside magnesium and boron, both present in TestoGen

  • Boron

A bonus to the list of essential ingredients, this is a trace mineral found in the ground and which has been shown to increase testosterone production and decrease estrogen (female hormone) production.

  • Nettle Leaf Extract

Historically used to improve energy levels, build muscle and boost libido

  • Vitamin K1

Important supplement for bone health, helps to absorb vitamin D alongside boron and magnesium – this renders TestoGen more efficient

  • D-aspartic Acid

The amino-acid regulator which helps produce luteinizing hormone, which stimulates the production of testosterone.

  • Fenugreek extract

Libido-Enhancing natural supplement, fenugreek increases insulin release which in turn, helps grow your muscles

  • Red ginseng extract

A well-known aphrodisiac root which stimulates the libido and has a positive impact on your mood too.

  • Vitamin B6

All B vitamins are vital for testosterone production and this one helps combat tiredness and irritability and supports your body in producing more testosterone

  • Zinc

Major testosterone booster and aphrodisiac, present for example in oysters. It helps with muscle recovery.

  • Bioperine

Derived from black pepper, this is an ingredient which helps the other elements within TestoGen, making them more easily absorbed by the organism.

All in all, TestoGen has the large majority of the best known testosterone boosting ingredients, as well as adding a few bonus ones and making sure that this is a very clear, transparent list that you can trust.

Why should you take TestoGen?

What is testogen used forTypically, the reasons you would be looking for a testosterone booster are linked to the following three main concerns:

  • Low energy and focus – if you are noticing a marked decrease in your energy levels, as well as your mood and responsiveness when it comes to engaging in any activity, then you could trace this back to low testosterone levels either by taking a blood test or checking the other symptoms below.
  • Lack of strength and stamina – This can be either in the gym or sporting activities, or of course, in the bedroom. As you are growing older, your body naturally produces less testosterone, or this could also be affected by other factors such as stress. Then, you may notice not as much of a sex drive, lack of interest in any activities, and decreased erections. These signs all point to low testosterone levels.
  • Body fat / appearance changes – A lack of testosterone and subsequent lower energy levels may lead you to being more sedentary, less healthy in your activity levels and just generally having excessive body fat. This is an unfortunate side effect of the aging process as well. A correct level of testosterone will help you build muscle and get rid of body fat.

As mentioned above, you may be finding these symptoms apply to you because of aging, or because of your lifestyle, either as a result of lack of exercise or perhaps stress. All these factors contribute to a less satisfying love life and a loss of strength and energy.

This is where a testosterone boosting supplement can help – and TestoGen is the natural and easy way to provide desired results.

How does TestoGen work?

TestoGen works by combining different ingredients with various effects on your body, but avoiding the use of dangerous elements like steroids, TestoGen stimulates the production of testosterone naturally in your body. It also inhibits the production of hormones leading to the opposite effects, like for example estrogen. Because it doesn’t replace hormones (as many supplements claiming to give you the benefits that you get from it, will do), it’s not a dangerous drug to take and its effects will be longer term.

Testosterone level decreases as the age grows

User reviews suggest that taking TestoGen will yield the following benefits:

  • Increase in muscle mass and size
  • Improvement in sex drive and stamina
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improvement in mood
  • Decrease in body fat.

You should bear in mind that these effects are not stand-alone just from taking the pills as supplement to your diet. Instead, you will see the best results when you take TestoGen along with having a healthy diet, exercising and generally leading an active lifestyle.

How should I take TestoGen?

Manufacturers suggest that you should take TestoGen depending on your goals, as well as existing condition. Typically, you should take 4 capsules per day, but you could choose to slow the process and perhaps start off by taking 2 per day for a few weeks, before your body has fully got used to it, then increasing the intake.

You should only take 1 capsule at a time and with an accompanying meal, up to you which one you choose.

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What are the side effects?

There are no reported side effects of TestoGen. What is more, the ingredients list being as natural and transparent as it is, we can easily trace what side effects any of the items on the list are likely to have on your body.

There is nothing reported for any of them, which makes TestoGen an incredibly safe supplement.

However, it is always worth bearing in mind that, if you have any medical conditions or any concerns about other medication you might be taking already, the best course of action is to check with your doctor before taking the supplement.

How about price and shipping?

TestoGen can be bought directly from the official website

The manufacturers offer 3 purchasing options, from one bottle (120 capsules per bottle) to the more value-for-money options of either:

  • 3 months’ supply where you buy 2 bottles and the 3rd one is free; or
  • 5 months’ supply where you buy 3 bottles and receive 2 free and one free set of testosterone booster drops.=

Interestingly, Wolfson Berg also offer free shipping worldwide on all offers, and are happy to guarantee the product with a money back option which stipulates that you can apply to get your money back if you’re not happy with the results after 67 days.


If you feel low on energy, or that your results in the gym are lacking in spite of vigorous workouts, or finally if your love life has seen a downward trend because of decreased libido and/or erectile dysfunction, you would be correct in assuming your testosterone levels are low. Many people resort to steroid treatments but it is far better and safer to go for a natural booster which will work alongside your efforts in other areas such as improved diet or exercise regime.

For an overall safe and healthy testosterone boosting effect, TestoGen has solid reviews from users, and relies on a list of ingredients which are medically proven to produce results. Therefore, it is a great testosterone boosting supplement which you can take safely without a doctor’s prescription, and which you can even return if unhappy with its effectiveness.


TestoGen Testosterone Booster $59.99
  • Ingredients
  • Formula
  • Speed of Results
  • Overall Results
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Money Back Guarantee
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